Gallery: Nintendo Has Released The Specs For The New 2DS XL

Moments ago, Nintendo introduced the world to the New Nintendo 2DS XL. However, unlike the reveal of the Switch in October last year, the handheld’s announcement comes with a lot more information on just what it does. Nintendo has released a bunch of pictures that talk about the handheld’s features, specs, parts, and accessories. Nintendo also compares the 2DS XL with other 2DS variants in a couple of pictures. We’ve included all of them in a gallery for you down below, so feel free to check it out.

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  1. This is cheaper and comes with a charger too. Pretty much the same without the 3D. (Which I don’t think most people care that much about anyways)

  2. might just buy it for shits and giggles though im happy with my ‘new’ 3ds xl since it is a recent purchase,
    begining of november to be exact because i needed to upgrade from my old 3ds xl which is kinda falling apart but still works and to buy pokemon sun which was more of a impulse purchase.

  3. Seems like the Wii mini to me. Nintendo can say all they want now but I’ll still hold out hope that they’re not stupid enough to split their development resources between two systems again.

  4. Recently purchased a New 3DS as in New 3DS being the name as well as it being new so no need for this and I have 4 3DS’s already for Gawd sake lol :3

    Getting kinda ridiculous now all these re-designs I must admit.

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