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Here’s A Look At The U.S ARMS Commercial For Nintendo Switch

Many of you participated in the ARMS Global Testpunch and judging from the feedback on social media a lot of you had a blast. The game is out next month worldwide so it makes sense for Nintendo of America to upload the official television commercials for the fast paced brawler. No doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more of the commercial as the release date for ARMS draws ever closer.

44 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At The U.S ARMS Commercial For Nintendo Switch”

      1. I can make it more professional if you like but you will have to ban me after. so i make it more obvious you dont approve? :o even if i said i am just baiting the people long time ago so i dont even need to be more obvious than that

              1. Nah man,you just take yourself too seriously. I really don’t see what’s stopping you from enjoying video games. It’s not exactly a good thing to limit yourself.

                1. Well they’re pretty accurate from my experience. Try playing it once instead of assuming it’s bad. It’s video games,you’re supposed to have fun with them.

                        1. So it’s stupid to use a traditional option that works just as well as the motion controls? Your argument doesn’t make sense.

                          Note:If this were another Wii,they would’ve forced motion controls. They’re not,it’s an option and you’re just over looking those to have a reason to be mad.

                          1. And it comes back to my original statement,people are liking it and people will like it. There’s not much you can do about it and complaining won’t do a damn thing. Man,you need to appreciate gaming more.

                                      1. Me,slow? Nah,you’re the slow one for not understanding that you don’t have to use them. They come with the system,yes,but are they putting a gun to your head and making you use them? No.

                                        I swear people like you act like that a simple and working gimmick is a terrible thing for gaming.

                                        1. No, you’re just damage controlling for nintendo. I want the pro controller and not the joy cons. You shouldnt have to pay for both and you know it. The joy con controller doesnt even have a real d pad. Its just more gimmicky bs from nintendo.

                                          1. Do I agree that you shouldn’t have to pay for both? Yes I do. But there are some compromises that I’d rather take than to not be able to enjoy what I love. If people understood this,gaming wouldn’t be devided with fanboys and elitists.

                                            Note:I’m not even a fanboy,I own and enjoy all systems.

                                          2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                                            ||Go back to your PS4 Sonyan, we don’t need infidels bothering our victory…||

                                                  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                                                    ||Because unlike you, I’m not a part of the cattle and it still doesn’t mean anything…||

                                                    1. Why couldn’t we have both? I want a new F-Zero as much as, if not more than the next guy, but ARMS looks good too.

                                                      Besides, we have FAST RMX for now, which is pretty damn close to F-Zero; can’t Shin’en have their day in the sun before its older cousin comes back?

                                                    2. Motion control garbage… Clearly you didn’t play the game, because it’s almost completely universally agreed that the motion controls in this game are anything BUT garbage, AND you can also use standard controls, so motion controls are absolutely not required whatsoever.

                                                      We would all like F-Zero as well, but that’s not a good reason to bash this fresh and new, brilliant fighting game. Why not go play FAST RMX while you wait, instead of being a whiny bitch?

                                                    3. The “gimmick” of the Switch is the hybrid portability. Modular controllers were a necessary compromise to achieve that gimmick, which has been well received. Even without motion controls, the joy cons would exist, but with even less purpose, because I would argue they are more successful as motion controllers than two separate standard controllers. Because of that, I think Nintendo had no choice to go with motion control and ARMs is a great way for them to test the waters. With motion controls, it was intuitive and easy to pick up. I could toss the joy cons to my sister in law and she could be playing in a minute (not so with standard controls). And yet, after the first two tests, I preferred to play exclusively in handheld and if I hadn’t known about the motion controls, the gameplay would have never made me think that they existed. And to speak to “forcing you to buy a pro controller,” the joy cons in their traditional controller mode works quite well, again only slightly hindered by the need for a modular controller. It had nothing to do with motion controls, its all about being a hybrid.

                                                      And as far as F-Zero goes, its one of Nintendo’s niche IPs on par with the likes of Pikmin. If it weren’t for Smash Bros, I doubt it would even be recognizable to anyone other than a select segment of Nintendo faithful. It’s a great game with a big, vocal cult following but it doesn’t sell systems like Mario Kart, doesn’t belong in the same year as Mario Kart, and doesn’t belong in a critical launch window when Nintendo really needed a win. With that and two well received and difficult indie arcade racers in the first year, Nintendo has no choice but to wait if they’re going to finally bring us a new F-Zero.

                                                      From first party this year we have a balanced representation of genres with an adventure, a racer, a fighter, a shooter, and a platformer. Xenoblade will round things out with an RPG, although that’s certainly more of a niche IP… if they drop Pokemon by Christmas, that would follow their trend this year: a balanced selection of games with mass appeal. Next year would be a great year to start delivering the fan service titles like Metroid, F-Zero, Pikmin, Earthbound, Animal Crossing, etc: the titles that will sell the Switch to the hardcore, unconverted Nintendo fans, but wouldn’t make my mother-in-law want one (which she does).

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