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MinMin And Ninjara Were Most Used Characters During ARMS Testpunch

The Arms Global Testpunch took place this weekend and was clearly a success for Nintendo with the game edging up the Amazon charts. The Kyoto-based company has revealed which characters were the most used by combatants and it was MinMin and Ninjara which took the top spots during the event. The ARMS Global Testpunch resumes next month.

Thanks to takamaru64 for the tip!

16 thoughts on “MinMin And Ninjara Were Most Used Characters During ARMS Testpunch”

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  2. That was my experience. And while Ninjara wasn’t too hard to deal with, Min-Min’s countering punches while dodging gave me a lot of trouble. I found myself relying on Mechanica’s explosive homing to keep up with the dodge and the second round of damage from explosion let me follow up with a hammer.

    Helix felt really technical and I hope he gets more/better play once people can practice. I never saw anyone using the shield and his default weapons felt awful with volleyball in the rotation.

    At least it seemed like the heavies could keep up with the faster characters and I’m hoping that holds true in higher level play.

    1. I didn’t find them that useful 1v1 against faster characters. I loved Mechanicas but would switch it out for homing when I expected a lot of dodging BS. Plus with all the MinMins, there was always a chance she would pull out her big heavy arm that’d blast through the triple shooters.

  3. I tried everybody- the only character I saw even moderate success with was Min Min. I couldn’t figure out how to warp while guarding as Ninjara- in midair was no problem, but I just could never warp during a guard. I thought I’d like playing Mechanica, but she’s kinda not great.

    I wonder who will be most played when the game comes out, and then later when more fighters get added.

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