Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon Come To Nintendo 3DS On 17 November

The Pokemon Company had their own Nintendo Direct today and alongside the news that Pokken Tournament DX is coming to Nintendo Switch came news that we are getting Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. The revamped version of the popular games will launch on November 17th.



  1. This is extremely dissapointing news. A port of another Wii U game, what is so far shaping up to be the laziest Pokemon games of all time, and Gold and Silver on the 3DS eshop?? I’m sorry, but I’d much rather play Gold and Silver on my Switch–the system that I’m actually using and taking with me now.

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    1. You can’t blame Nintendo for trying to make some money off of some of their Wii U games. The console has some great games that didn’t sell well because the Wii U sucked and nobody wanted it.

      On the bright side of things ports don’t take a lot of developer resources away and they don’t really put a hold on big projects.

      It’s a win for Nintendo and a win for people who missed out.

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  2. People being etremely salty. Holy shit guys, you all got hyped for a game that there was no evidence that it existed. Also E3 is around the corner. Maybe they announce Stars there and basically have the same plot as those 2 games and make them compatible with ultra sun and ultra moon. Chill out

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    1. Exactly. I don’t see how and why people are so disappointed with this news. The Wii U never got to take off, of course some games in its library are getting second chances. And how can you skew gold/silver VC into a bad thing??

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  3. Really looking forward to it! Black and White 2 really brought the “third version” game to a whole new level by turning it into a set of sequels with new areas and a new story. I’m hoping that Ultra Sun and Moon will impress me even more. Finally all those construction sites found throughout Alola will be making sense.

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    1. Sun and Moon felt like an episode of The Amazing Race. I wasn’t into it at all. Hopefully gen 7.5 fixes the Alola region for the better.

      There just isn’t a whole lot going on on any of the islands.


  4. I guess Switch owners have to wait until the 8th Generation for a Pokémon game. Also this proves GameFreak is done doing a single improved title like Emerald or Platinum. The only upside I can see is that at least now the holiday rush for Switch will only be crazy and not super crazy XD

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  5. Sun and Moon are the worst Pokémon games in the series beating out my hatred for Ruby and Sapphire. Hopefully these alternate and possibly expanded games will change my mind.

    I Haven’t played Moon since a week after launch.


    1. Personally, I loved Sun and Moon. My least favorite were X, Y, Omega Tuby, and Alpha Sapphire. I just don’t want to play a slightly changed version of Sun and Moon. The only way I’d be happy with that would be on the Switch–in HD and without the framerate issues.


  6. I’m sorry, but this seems pretty lazy, a port of Pokken I’m fine with, but yeesh, at least add a bit more content like MK8DX did, UltraSun and UltraMoon shouldn’t have been, Stars should have been the new main series Pokémon game announced for Switch (because they’ll have to start making main series games for when the 3DS officially dies), and G+S ports, Im fine with that, I’ll go through it one more time. This direct was a major let down.


    1. I don’t get y’all. They added 3 on 3 battles and 5 new characters to Pokken. That’s not lazy.

      What would’ve been lazy is Sun and Moon or Switch instead of a new Pokémon game from the ground up.

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  7. You guys are too disappointed by the lack of Sinnoh remakes, which should have been expected in gen 8 not 7. I for one am looking forward to Ultra Sun and Moon. If they have a better plot and open up more areas of the region that’s a pretty good plus to me. Heck the only thing that was disappointing about the direct was the lack of Crystal. Other than that it was fine. Loyal to Pokémon and Nintendo to the end.

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  8. for you complete retards expecting generation 4 remakes anytime soon, here you go. gen 1 remakes 2004, gen 2 remakes 2009, gen 3 remakes 2014 so if the pattern continues don’t expect gen 4 remakes until 2019 in the style of gen 8.

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  9. Lol all they showed was two new persona looking masks on the legendaries nothing to really talk about besides the name. Great for all those still playing their 3ds I guess. I beat sun already and don’t see a reason to play again. If it’s a completely different story from the first I’ll think about it.


  10. What Nintendo games I do NOT want to see for Switch at E3:
    Yoshi game
    Kirby game
    Tomodachi game
    3rd-person Metroid (2D is OK)
    Party games of any kind
    Mario sports games (golf is alrighty)
    Rehash of dead games/characters that need to stay dead (Chibi Robo, Ice Climbers, Balloon Fight, you name it)
    2D or 2.5D Mario game (but a Mario RPG would be great)
    Half-baked ideas like that Giant Robot game (Who the fuck cares for this shit?!)
    Spin-offs, we’ve seen enough of them!


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