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Pokken Tournament DX Coming To Nintendo Switch September 22nd

The Pokemon Company has announced the first Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch which is Pokken Tournament DX. The game is a port of the fun Wii U title but includes additional characters including Decidueye. Pokken Tournament DX will launch on the Nintendo Switch on September 22nd.


      1. Truthful comment, not negative. What’s negative is that it’s happening. I didn’t buy this system to rebuy the same games I already have and am bored of. Nintendo needs real fans to tell them enough is enough and no more fan boys saying “whatever you give us is awesome please and thank you! I’m duh biggest Nintendo fan ever cuz I buy all der stuff and love it all!”

  1. I like how much love fighting games are getting on the switch it’s first year. Also, 3 vs 3 battles sold me on buying this game again for sure.

    1. i didn’t get that game on Wii u cause i had no time to play it. Now i will get it on switch they also said something about more characters? like 5? wow worth it. for me.

    2. ||It still is lackluster character quantity wise…||

      1. 21 characters is decent for a fighting game, but it could be better, especially with the potential it has with the hundreds of pokemon that exist. I have a feeling that later down the road more DLC characters will be announced with a Season Pass option as well. I think this game is still pretty popular in Japan and a lot of the FGC tournaments I’ve been to have this game included in the line up. I’m sure Nintendo will want to keep building on that.

        1. ||Yes it is decent for a fighting type weapon but not for a Pokemon based one, it should have had at least 50…||

      2. I think it will get there in time. In the U.S. Pokken outsold Street Fighter V and that was with the low install base of the Wii U, just imagine what this game can do on the Switch. I think there is a very good chance that Nintendo will be throwing a lot of support at this game as time goes on.

  2. People are so upset a real Pokemon game wasn’t announced for the switch lol. Just wait until next year if it doesn’t at least get announced by then even I’ll get triggered.

  3. Idk if Nintendo heard the plea of those complaining that this game is dead or if it was always in their plan. Either way, Pokken for Switch guys. Be happy.

    1. Not happy. I want Nintendo to have not killed Pokkén on Wii U as soon as it launched. Wii U owners got flipped instead….

    1. The next generation should be coming out in late 2019, with a reveal in mid 2019. It’ll be on the next generation handheld, whether it’s the Switch or a potential new dedicated handheld that is yet to be revealed.

      It’s still possible that a new non mainline Pokémon game will be revealed at E3.

  4. I’m loving this. The first Pokkén Tournament game was pretty good but I really hope they have ironed out some of the issues that was in that game for an even more enjoyable experience in PTDX. Hopefully some new characters and stages will be coming in the very near future but overall I’m pleased with this announcement. Given how popular the Switch has become worldwide, I see this game selling way better than the original Wii U title

  5. A lot of butthurt just went down rotflmfao:D
    Tbh I believe Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will be on the 3ds only and a Pokemon Stars will be a combined version of this except it will be exclusively on the Switch. don’t see Nintendo releasing a combined version of this on the 3ds.

  6. I suppose this was to be expected. I probably won’t be getting Pokken. I played it on Wii U for a bit, but it just didn’t hold my attention.

  7. Eh I’ll buy it again but I still feel like the game wasn’t as good as it could have been. It feels more like the Naruto games than Tekken.

    Its nice to see Nintendo is trying to get our Wii U collections back to us but to test waters for the practice with this is rather…… odd. I know it is one of their bigger franchises but it was still one of the lower sellers and had mixed opinions unlike others like Pikmin 3 which got praise all around.

    I do think the negative Arcade reception and mixed opinions on the games could affect sales rather badly. I just hope they are not using this as a template for better Wii U games to come over.

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