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The Nintendo Switch Has Sold 250,000 Units In France

The success of the Nintendo Switch has been pretty much worldwide, including France. Last we heard, 105,000 Switch units had been sold there. Well, an update has been provided on Switch sales, which tell us that the console has sold 250,000 units in France. To compare, it took the Wii U a year and two months to sell 289,000 units sold in the country. If the console continues to sell at a pace of 250k every 3 months, then the Nintendo Switch could easily surpass 1,000,000 by the time that this same 14 month period has elapsed, assuming that the pace of sales don’t change anytime soon. It’s another sign that Nintendo really does have a winning console on their hands, and that keeping the momentum going is something that is going to play a large part in how well the console does in the coming months and even years.


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