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ZHugeEX: “Expect Nintendo Switch Shortages To Continue Through The Rest Of 2017”

Video gaming analyst ZHugeEX has tweeted out some bad news to those who are still trying to purchase a Nintendo Switch. Due to “component shortages” that are causing production to be capped, ZHugeEX has advised gamers to “expect Nintendo Switch shortages to continue through the rest of the year”. Nintendo has been having difficulty in keeping up with the massive demand and success that the Switch has accumulated so far, and it seems that this trend will continue. We’ve included the tweet down below, so feel free to check it out.


48 thoughts on “ZHugeEX: “Expect Nintendo Switch Shortages To Continue Through The Rest Of 2017””

    1. Right? Those always get me.

      Damn it, Nintendo! This is all a scheme to create false demand, when there’s clearly high demand regardless! Logic! Grrr! Kimishima doesn’t want Nintendo making money! Even though they already doubled Switch production and that wasn’t enough! Where’s Mother 3?! Where’s my pacifier and milk bottle too?!

      1. lets not forget the components shortage is a false report created by Nintendo to hide their lies about the real reason why the Switch has shortages, they have 30 millions units but are only sending 100 units/year to create demand and they also don’t want money.

    2. Damn it, this is Nintendo’s fault! This is all a scheme to create false demand! Grrr! Kimishima doesn’t want Nintendo making money!

      Oh, and Where’s Mother 3?! D:

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Everything is the fault of the Xbots, there is no room for compromise…||

        1. Without compromise, I’m afraid we find ourselves at an impasse old friend. I couldn’t have hoped for a more worthy adversary. The most effective villains are always the ones who were once fiercely loyal to the protagonist afterall. ;}

            1. I swear you will be hearing from me soon. My life revolves around my Job, my Dog, and my house in the country, and building new routines are difficult for me, AND, the number of people I keep in touch with, I can count on one hand. I’ve drifted from the human species and am quite happy I did. ;D

              In any case. Soon!

  1. I think it’s pretty obvious that if Nintendo releases a Super NES Mini, they’re going to screw everyone over yet AGAIN with low supply. And preorders will sell out before I even know about them. What’s up with Nintendo never supplying to demand, land eaving everyone unhappy?

      1. Dude, they have NEVER held back production to artificially create demand. The NES Mini VERY CLEARLY wasn’t meant to be something permanent. You all thought it was, and the low supply made you think it was done on purpose to increase demand.

        They didn’t know it would be THAT popular, and they NEVER intended it to be a permanently produced device. The Switch is being pushed out as fast as they possibly can, and even if they increase production by a bit, they still won’t be able to meet demand. This time of the year is historically the WORST time of year to sell consoles, yet it’s flying off the shelves soon as it’s put on the shelf. It’s only going to get worse during the holidays, and with big games coming out every month until 2018, there’s not much Nintendo can do.

        Even if they doubled production, it wouldn’t help. They don’t build these things themselves, so they don’t artifiicailly hold back. They’ve already ordered over 10 million Switch units to be manufactured, and it’s not like one factory can make 10 million overnight. Stop with the drama and go learn something about product manufacturing. You’re buying into silly fake news about artificial shortages like some kind of conspiracy theorist.

    1. Not enough components and Twinkies! Don’t you dare insinuate Nintendo has a history of poor inventory and production forecasting and management. How dare ye!

    2. Ninte do doesn’t give a rats ass about you being “happy.” That’s your first mistake.

      Second, they don’t know Jack-or-shit about product demand forecasting and just shoot all their decisions from the hip. They do what makes 10 of their top execs happy, and sometimes it works out for the consumer, sometimes not. It’s all the roll of the dice Mr. Collector!

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Except that is wrong, our very name proves it, Leave Luck to Heaven, chance does not exist in our realm…||

  2. No specifics? I can tell you which components:
    -The “HD rumble” motors
    -The joycon wireless antennas
    I have a friend who works in the industry, manufacturing stuff like this, and there’s a worldwide shortage of these parts in particular, and not just because of the Switch.

    1. Its more likely to be LCDs… according to another report, Nintendo are competing with Apple for parts and the manufacturers favor selling to apple because they buy more volumes.

      1. Funny Ninte do always has an excuse. Not sure why other gaming manufacturer’s don’t hav natural disasters excuses every time they launch a console.

        They didn’t do their homework. They built a mobile device without checking the mobile industry to verify the demand for those parts. Typical!

        They don’t want to make money!
        And What about Mother 3? And where’s my bottle!

        1. That was not “Nintendo excuse”, that was something that even affected to my work.
          Think that was 2015 or 2016, but it is still affecting in availability of certain LCD screens.

  3. Well this sucks. At this rate I dont think the switch will be able to reach that Target of I think it was 10 million in the first year. With Mario releasing it’s only going to get worse. I have a switch already so personally im not worried but for those that can’t find one I feel bad for.

    1. The Switch will sell 10 million in the first year. Nintendo has already ordered over 10 million units to be manufactured, and they will have all 10 million made, shipped and sold before the end of the year, but they won’t drop all 10 million at one time. That’s impossible.

      1. The problem is that the demand is hinting at up to 12-15m sales. That would be some lost momentum for Nintendo. Sony was in this kind of demand and the PS4 took off because they were able to match that demand. I hope Nintendo can find an answer to this quickly OR they can release a Switch Lite or SwitchXL or something which would use components from other manufacturers….:D Unlikely though

  4. And this is why I stood outside GameStop for 12 hours when I missed out on pre-orders. Supply shortages are par for the course with Nintendo hardware. They underestimate the initial demand and then scramble to keep up for months. I remember going into GameStop almost daily during my lunch break hoping for a Wii back in the day, I got lucky one day and walked in right after they got three in. I got one and the other two were gone before a co-worker of mine could get over there.

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  6. I don’t see how this doesn’t spell for lost sales. Sony won’t leave Nintendo to this market unchallenged and Ninty badly needs a lead on the next round of hardware.

  7. There are many ways to fail a system and this one is one of them. Other companies aren’t so unprepared. Think at Samsung, Apple, Sony, etc.

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