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Video: Watch The Full Miitopia Demo

Miitopia is one of the stranger games coming to the 3DS over the next few months. However, Nintendo wants players to try out the game before its release. NintenDaan has uploaded a video showing off the full demo. While it obviously doesn’t have everything this Mii-themed adventure has to offer, it is good way to see what this odd little game is all about. Check out the video below.

1 thought on “Video: Watch The Full Miitopia Demo”

  1. I think I’m sold on this one. I played the demo, and while the RPG elements are light and mostly out of your control the way Tomodachi Life is largely out of your control, the charm is definitely there with the way your party converses with each other on journeys, the affinity abilities your members can do in battle (warning an ally who is about to be attacked, an ally taking a hit in place of someone who would have gotten incapacitated by said attack, etc.), and the dialogues they can share with each other after rooming together at inns.

    Everyone really should try the demo.

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