Polygon Takes A Look At The SNES Mini

Online gaming publication Polygon recently managed to get up close and personal with the upcoming SNES Mini this week as the team were invited to Nintendo HQ. However, the highly sought after console wasn’t turned on or connected to a television, so they basically could only take some images of the hardware and ask questions. Nintendo is staying quiet at the moment about features, but here’s some images to whet your appetite.



  1. For those of you expecting those SNES-like ports to be their own thing (or at least compatible with old SNES controllers) and NOT use the ports from the Wii Remote like the NES Classic Edition, you got gypped.

    Honestly, am I the only one who’s bummed by this? I thought those SNES-shaped ports were actual ports.

  2. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Nintendo didn’t make these mini consoles support the original controllers. What’s up with that? Instead, they force these clone controllers that are so short that it forces gamers to sit the console next to them while they play. The SNES Classic controllers might be a bit longer, but still not long enough for people like myself, who sits roughly 10 feet (or more) away from the TV.

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