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Metroid Co-Creator Discusses The Popularity Of Metroidvania Indie Games

While the Metroid series has been away for a few years, the Metroidvania genre is alive and well in indie games. Games like Axiom Verge and Hollow Knight have become incredibly popular on both consoles and PC. However, with the return of 2D Metroid, it will be interesting to see if any of these games have influenced Nintendo’s sci-fi series. In an interview with CGMagazine, Yoshio Sakamoto was asked about the prominence of the genre within the indie scene. While he admitted that he hasn’t played any of the games, Sakamoto talked about how their abundance encouraged Nintendo to return to 2D Metroid. Check out the full interview here.

Yeah I’m well aware of…the abundance [of games in the] the Metroidvania genre. I know there are a lot, but I haven’t played them, it however, one thing I think we’ve learned from that is, there’s a need for this there’s a thirst for that genre. People are excited about the genre, and so from a marketing stand point, understanding that that market exists, it’s been helpful to have all of those people clamoring for them. And it really solidified the ability of this desire to creating another 2D Metroid game.




  1. Would’ve loved a Switch port or even the U.K. exclusive special edition.

    Here’s hoping we finally get Metroid 5 on the Switch so we know what happens after Fusion. As long as Sakamoto doesn’t have full story control like he did with Other M…

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    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch!} says:

      Aside from a few fuck ups with not putting more story where it was highly needed (dumbass,) he didn’t do too bad of a major fuck up with the story. Just need a scene of Adam telling Samus to activate her Varia Suit before the Hell Run & her refusing because it’s just a straight path of running with no dead ends, no switching between adult & little girl crying Samus but a flashback cutscene instead showing her witnessing the death of her parents at the hand of this younger Ridley, as the scrawny Ridley is just Ridley at an older, weaker age as he’s no longer THE leader of the Space Pirates by the time she’s an adult & she fights him in Zero Mission, seeing this Ridley killing her parents & destroying her home, and a scene after the Ridley fight of her explaining why the hell she had a PTSD moment in the first place when she’s faced him countless times before; I mean, she spent most of the game monologuing to explain some things & suddenly she doesn’t!? Okay. The Ridley scene was definitely a major fuck up & ruined what was actually a pretty fun game up to that mind boggling point. Like Miyamoto, maybe he’s starting to slip in his older age. @.@


      1. But I agree with the sentiment of why she can’t go all out with her powers in Other M. It’s not like she’s on some enemies’ home planet or base by herself blowing shit to kingdom. She’s got allies & possible survivors to think about. I mean, would you set off a bomb that will annihilate everything but you if you had a team of allies & friends with you?

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      2. Besides, Adam’s team was there first & the Bottle Ship is a government facility. She can’t just do whatever the hell she wants without becoming a criminal herself. She does have to follow certain rules & guidelines unlike some of Nintendo’s other heroes like Link.


      3. Then the story was stupid to begin with from its very core concept. Fusion was also on a ship where there could’ve been survivors but Samus still thought for herself.


      4. Unfortunately even all that lead-up wouldn’t fix it for most people. They just can’t accept the idea of Samus having PTSD or anything they see as a “weakness” like normal human beings have. She has to be like some Superman Han Solo or Supergirl Ripley in a mechanical suit who has no real, human weaknesses cause how dare a female character have weaknesses like any other character out there?

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      5. Which is ironic since even those characters have their weaknesses. lol I sometimes don’t understand it myself. Metroid is heavily inspired by Alien & even though Ripley had her issues in Aliens, you never see anyone bitch about her having her own weaknesses. (Well I’m sure there are some that do but they are definitely a very small quiet minority from what I’ve seen.)


      6. ||You people should stop comparing that dreaded hunter to regular primitive weak humans, she has Chozodian DNA and now even Metroid DNA after Fusion, she was trained both mentally and physically during her entire life before becoming the formidable opponent she is today, PTSD makes absolutely no sense at all, especially since each time she fought Ridley before Other M could easily have been the last time she fought him…||


      7. Even the Chozo have been shown to have their own weaknesses, both mental & physical, thanks in large part to the first Metroid Prime game. Now with the Metroid DNA in her, maybe you might have a point but Other M took place before Fusion so that eliminates that somehow keeping her from having a moment of mental weakness. Or, to bring this back to the Alien franchise & that Samus is so obviously based on Ripley, Ripley was cloned & her human DNA was mixed in with the xenomorph DNA but that didn’t stop her from having a bit of a mental breakdown of her own later in Alien: Resurrection when she torched that room with all of the failed clones of her. Samus’s DNA mixed with Metroid DNA sounds an awful lot like Ripley in Resurrection having her DNA mixed with xenomorph DNA.


      8. ||Yes but they were infected by the effects of Phazon, so it wasn’t naturally occurrances…||

        ||The difference is that Ripley was an ordinary woman with no real military training both mental and physically subjected to extreme unknown situations without being prepared…||

        ||That dreaded hunter, since she was a child raised and trained by the Chozo in every way while infused with their DNA, already knowing about Metroids and so on so even though some things are similar, they are in no way comparable at the same level…||


      9. I think Other M should just rot like it deserves to- I found nothing salvageable about the story, especially anything involving Adam. He’s mentioned as this military genius in Fusion which came out 9 years before Other M and yet in what appears to be his final mission he is portrayed as literally the worst person possible to put in charge of a rescue operation in a hostile environment.

        “Oh, these scientists were all slain by a giant shapeshifting bug that my men had trouble killing as a group? Better have them all split up within various parts of this continent-sized spacecraft all without being able to act in any way unless I specifically tell them to.”

        “These metroids are likely unfreezable. Samus, you stand the best chance at finding out for sure if they actually can still be frozen or not and coming back alive, but, nah, I’m not going to give you the opportunity, your superhuman genes be damned.”

        “The heat in that area can easily do her in if the alien creatures don’t do it first. Should I…? Forget it, she won’t need the Varia Suit- it’s too dangerous to have equipped if she runs into any survivors.”

        Agreed on the infamous Ridley scene- no amount of damage control or retconning will ever rectify that atrocity; it happened and we’ll never forget it happened.

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      10. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch!} says:

        I liked Anthony so as long as he doesn’t get erased from existence, they can go ahead & retcon Other M either out of existence or give it a total reimagining. Just leave Anthony untouched.


      11. Anthony was the “remember me?” guy, right? Yeah I guess he can stay. In fact, why not give him a more prominent role in a later Metroid, maybe Prime 4 now? Maybe he has intel on Sylux? I mean, with all the Sylux teases in the past few games, he’s gonna feature in a big way soon.


      12. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch!} says:

        He was also the sole survivor of Adam’s team. Not to mention the only black guy in the game, too. :o


      13. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch!} says:

        They should have him & Samus have a romantic connection just to piss off the racists, too, for good measure. lol Heavily implied, of course.

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  2. I personally never had an issue with the Other M , it was new and exciting to me, so what if she wasn’t all bad ass in the cutscenes? I still enjoyed the game play


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