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Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct Coming Thursday

Inklings rejoice! Nintendo have just announced a Splatoon 2 Direct coming this Thursday. With the sequel’s release in less than a month, this Nintendo Direct should hopefully reveal some more new features. There doesn’t seem to be any word on its length, but it begins at 7am PT. Make sure to swim over to the Nintendo Direct website when it kicks off.


  1. Not watching It, nothing against the game, it is just that I’ve already seen enough to convince me to buy it and at this stage I’d be just spoiling myself.

  2. Part of this’ll probably be the announcement for the last testfire before release. Same thing happened with the first game. Testfire a week before game release.

  3. I wanna see a new “Destory all Humans ” game. It may look lame, but that game was my fame.

    Now lets wait and see, if anyone will solve this mystery

  4. I REALLY hope they still have scopes in splatoon 2. Because if they dont that would not be good for me or any charger main ever

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