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Multiplayer Breath Of The Wild Mod Now In Development

Breath of the Wild has an absolutely gigantic over-world to explore. It would be much easier to track down all the Koroks and Shrines with two people playing at once. While an official multiplayer mode seems unlikely for Breath of the Wild, a mod is now in development. Although the modders have admitted that it is likely over a year away, it will allow two people to play locally side by side. It won’t be playable on either the Switch or the Wii U, but players will be able to explore Hyrule together via the Wii U emulator CEMU. Would you like to venture through Breath of the Wild with friends? Tell us below.


22 thoughts on “Multiplayer Breath Of The Wild Mod Now In Development”

  1. I have nearly 1000 hours logged on the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild, so yeah I would LOVE to be able to explore this version of Hyrule locally with a few friends. I actually imagined a GTA styled multiplayer (a bunch of players running around Hyrule at the same time, and people could even form expedition groups and explore various parts of this world.)

    I know it is unlikely now, but I hope in the next open-air/world Zelda game Nintendo at least adds in a mode where you and a few friends (whether local or online), can explore a randomly generated dungeon/cave together. Doesn’t have the be the whole overworld (although that would be awesome), but I would have loved to form expedition teams with a few friends and explore something with them, and then sit around a campfire and just chat over voice chat (whether in-game voice chat, or just Discord, Skype, Telegram, etc…)

    When the modders do finish making this mod I will probably take a look at it.

    1. 1,000 HOURS? I only played for 120 hours or so, and I’m already done and moved on. In fact, I can’t even get myself to play the DLC that I purchased. And I still have a few side quests that I never completed. I just can’t seem to get myself interested again, even though I LOVE the game.

      1. Only because I lack a job/income, and my YouTube channel is a bust, so I can’t afford a Switch or to do anything else fun right now. So I just stay at home looking through classifieds and playing Breath of the Wild. If I am not playing Breath of the Wild or working on my videos for my YouTube channel I am busily watching shows I have pirated because I am too damn poor to afford Netflix, Hulu, etc… Ah well, at least the world in Breath of the Wild is beautiful and gorgeous and helps me forget my troubles for a while.

      2. gotta say I’m usually not the kind of guy who plays a game to death even after beating the boss, but in the case of BotW there’s still quite some drive left after about 160 hours or so. BUT the DLC quests are mostly pretty bad. All the new equipment you just get by searching given locations. Extremely uninspired especially in contrast to the rest of the game.

        But master mode seemed interesting after playing it for an hour or so and I still saved this trial of the sword-thing. But generally it’s not like it’s really weird that you haven’t touched that DLC yet as it’s just not that amazing.

    2. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*}

      Someone actually has my around 600-700 hours in BotW beat? *applauds*

    1. I know, right? Even if Nintendo had to make it so you couldn’t do story related stuff online; it still would have been a blast to explore Hyrule with some online friends, and share stories about the adventures you had with your friends and whatnot.

      Don’t get me wrong this game is a blast to play even single-player, but I would have found it more fun to play if there was online or even local multiplayer. Ah well… something we can hope for with the mod those people are working on.

      One other thing Nintendo should have made possible in the game; cooking pots. You should have been given one by the Old Man/Late king of Hyrule, so you could set one up with your campfire, so if you are exploring say the Hebra mountaintops you could have actually cooked anywhere, instead in some of the isolated areas where cooking pots are placed.

    1. If it doesn’t require re-distributing Nintendo’s binaries and assets and doesn’t effect other players then Nintendo has no reason to go after them and probably can’t legally do anything to them.

    2. Ripping the Legend of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild into a ROM format, perfectly fine. However Nintendo actually hates the fandom when talented developers make different games like AM2R, No Mario’s Sky and Breath of the Wild NES. We must weed out the freedom of creativity!

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  4. There is no original fan-made content here to infringe upon Nintendo’s Intellectual Property and receive a DMCA, so the modders are in the clear to rip Nintendo’s official game and make it available on the internet! I’m not salty about that at all, not one bit, nope. :)

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