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Minecraft For Switch Now 1080p When Docked

When Microsoft first released Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch, Mojang’s hit game was only playable in 720p. Although this is still true for the undocked version, the latest update means the docked version now plays at 1080p. This is great sign for the Switch as some fans were concerned that the downgrade was because of the console’s power.


11 thoughts on “Minecraft For Switch Now 1080p When Docked”

  1. I’m no Switch lover but Microsoft even said from the beginning that it wasn’t an issue of power so much as it was an issue with how the Switch switched between resolutions.

  2. Again, the console is extremely new, 4 months only, we won’t see what the Switch is truly capable off for at least 2 more years.

    Just remember, in the portable mode you have an extremely beefy PS3/360(Way more ram)) since the Switch technically a Wii U with a more powerful CPU on portable mode, while docked, the GPU doubles, making its overall performance 35%+ at LEAST!!!

    Be proud of what you have, the most powerful portable gaming device ever, Nintendo did not cheapen out on us, they really when out on the stats while of course not being on the red for each console sold like the competition.

    TL;DR: Docked Switch >>>Portable Switch>>Wii U >>>>PS3/360

    1. It might be even longer, but I think proof of that can be seen in the four latest Pokémon generations. Black and White were so much more visually impressive than Diamond and Pearl, despite both gens appearing on the DS. Sun and Moon were an even bigger leap from X and Y. Devs, even first and second party ones, need time to optimize and to get familiar with the limits of the hardware.

  3. anyone who thinks switch cannot run minecraft has zero right to talk power and clearly knows sweet FA abouit specs or function

    these types of people still aim with analog sticks and think wii remotes need to be pointed at a sencer bar on your head for vr

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