Nintendo Switch

Nicalis Teases 5 Nintendo Switch Games

Nicalis have been strong supporters of Nintendo hardware and it comes as no surprise that the indie developer has more games in the works for Nintendo’s latest platform, the Nintendo Switch. The company teased 5 new Nintendo Switch games on Twitter today and from the image below we can see Code of Princess, 1001 Spikes, and VVVVVV, and the rest remain a mystery. Which games do you think the remaining two are?





  1. I hope they release Code of Princess physically like they have with the The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth † and Cave Story.
    Tbh I’m seriously hoping Nicalis is working on a Code of Princess sequel but incorporates even more of the mechanics from Guardian Heroes than Code of Princess does. Also would love to see Nicalis try their hand at a game that plays similar to Panzer Bandit mixed with Gunstar Heroes and Mischief Makers N64, which all are extremely great games that you all should try, even if you have to resort to emulators.
    Nicalis and Inti creates really need to collaborate with each other to create a few game gems that Treasure used to create before they went dormant, because I would just kill for either a Guardian Heroes, Gunstar Heroes, or Mischief Makers.


  2. i own code of princess on the 3DS and i was tempted to buy it on Steam but opted out of doing such a thing and now i will buy it again for the Switch. also it is hard juggling buying games for Wii U, 3DS and Switch as i have to buy one game a month including DLC and yes my job pays well that i can afford many games but i have to limit myself.


    1. I could buy a few AAA budget games myself for 3DS, Switch, & PS4 but I’m trying to save up a bit of money so I try to limit myself to around 100 bucks spent on video games. But with Super Mario Odyssey & Assassin’s Creed Origins next month, I might have to spend more on video games & save less in October. Not to mention my son is 5 now so I’d like to take him trick or treating this year since he is more likely to remember it this time around. I’d like to splurge a little bit on his costume for his first ever Halloween that he can actually remember, so there is that, too.


  3. It seems I’m not the only one thinking of Code of Princess when looking at the bottom left pixelated picture. A sequel with a bigger budget so the game can be longer or just a remaster?


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