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Digital Foundry Hands-On With DOOM For Nintendo Switch

Respected technology publication Digital Foundry have managed to go hands-on with the Nintendo Switch version of DOOM. The video was published a little early and has subsequently been taken down. The port of the game is being handled by Panic Button who are also behind the Rocket League port. NeoGAF member Cerium managed to catch the video before it was taken down and here’s the impressions they noted from the video:

All of his impressions are based on playing in UNDOCKED mode

  • Most ambitious cross platform Switch port yet
  • “Utterly insane, how did they do that?”
  • Post process pipeline mostly intact
  • 30fps cap was “inevitable”
  • Depth of field reduced but not removed
  • Resolution is lower on Switch, dynamic, unsure of exact count
  • Reduced textures
  • “It’s a good port!”

“Bottom line, I’ve played a respectable looking version of DOOM on what is effectively a tablet. And that is seriously impressive.”



    1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

      I want to say Super Nintendo Tablet but there are idiots that got Wii U confused as Wii add-on so they’d probably think it’s some kind of Super Nintendo add-on. lol

        1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

          It’s a PS4 add-on for me. lol

  1. Most on that Neogaf thread are saying no buy on the 30 fps. Maybe I’m old, but when did people become absolutely obsessed with frame rate and when did 30 fps become unplayable?

    1. People played 007 Goldeneye offline multiplayer with frame-rate dropping as low as 9fps and didn’t even notice. As a PC and console owner, it’s safe for me to say that 60fps is fluid, but 30 is DEFINETLY playable.

      1. Well I’ve always noticed frame rate DROPS, because games are programmed to function within frame rate ticks. So a game programmed to function at 30 fps that dips to 9 frames would have clear audio and visual slow down. That’s way different than complaining about 30 fps vs 60 fps. A game programmed to run at 30 fps but “unlocked” and running at 60 fps on powerful hardware isn’t really showing much difference beyond cushioning frame rate dips in busy moments. A game programmed at 60 fps that runs at 30 fps is running at half speed in gameplay and audio. If you tell me a game is running locked 60 fps I’ll notice, agree that its running smoothly, and promptly forget about it while I’m playing. But if its going to have occasional stutter to say 45 fps in busy moments, I’d much rather see it programmed at 30 fps but running stable.

      1. Nintendo Console Owners don’t know the difference, so yeah, who cares about 30FPS when back in the day we always played like that or worse…

      2. @Ozl I’ve always built a powerful PC (I’m overdue for an upgrade right now, but it’s still got some horsepower under the hood). In the power PC community, pushing frame rates was always more of a way to show off: “I get 120 frames on this hard to run game, because I overclocked this thing like crazy.” But the benefits of getting 120 frames on a game programmed to run at 30 ticks per second was next to nothing. At some point in the last few years, I assume since console gaming has really started to be able to push 60 frames at 1080p, gamers seem to have started demanding that all games be programmed at 60 ticks per second. It has marginal benefits for sure, but I’d love to actually sit some people down and have them identify 30 vs 60 off ten minutes of gameplay across a number of games. A game programmed to run at 60 that dips to 50 during busy moments is infinitely more noticeable than a game programmed at 30 and running 30 rock solid frames per second. And while I DO know the difference, I think a lot of people actually don’t understand the way games are programmed and how all object behavior is typically tied into frame rate.

    2. AND PS4 AND XBOME HAVE TERRIBLE FRAME DROPS AND PACING A SOLID 30 WOLL BE MUCH BETTER AND UNPLAYABLE IS TWIN STICK FPS who the crying out fook plays a fps without a mouse aim a dualshock fps unplayable

    3. I honestly think it’s primarily the “PC Master Race” mindset. I mean, sure 60fps is nice to have, but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker if it isn’t there, for me at least. Granted Doom did look very nice in 60fps, but for a hybrid handheld/console experience, this isn’t bad at all.

    4. I am absolutely okay with 30 fps. I grew up playing PC games on a gosh darn Pentium III with no 3D accelerator. My threshold for ‘playable’ is extremely low lol

  2. BotW is also 30fps and I lived. It’s also much cheaper to get this version than to go out and buy another console/PC for the “superior” experience. All I need now is a port of Crash and my third party prayers will have been answered.

        1. It’s not an exclusive anymore but Sony still has a decent amount of say in the matter of where it’s going to go, and since Sony knows it’s a seller they’ll do so much shit to keep it on playstation they tried the same thing with GTA V.

      1. The IP belongs to Activision. Do you not know who Activision is? As long as they see a profit to be made, theyll port it. Im sure there’s a time exclusivity as of now which is the reason why its still PS only, but you can bet your sweet yams that this turd of an IP is coming to a different platform in the future. (Who knows why that shitty IP is as popular as it is.)

          1. Its activision, if the switch continuous to sell the way it has, Activision will begin to bring its turds to it.

            😅 even back in 96, when Sony tried to “revolutionize” 3D with Crash Nintendo was 10 steps ahead of Sony with Mario. Mario 64 is in a legue that crash could never touch. Thats the reason why they had to get ressurected that turd from its death and sold with nostalgia, and the other (hint: not crash.) Keeps revolutionizing gaming.

  3. I think it will be 60fps when docked but maybe with the resolution being reduced to 900p or 720p but still that’s pretty impressive that they were able to get it to run at a rock solid 30fps in portable mode for such a graphically intensive game. Definitely looking forward to seeing the final build in docked mode… one buy for me regardless

  4. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    People are okay with 30fps for a shooter? What is this? The late 90s during the N64 era? It’s 2017. Meh. Some people just prefer to be stuck in the past. I think it’s silly but that’s their right, so whatever. Besides, it’s probably better in docked mode, anyway, so carry on.

  5. Doom on Switch will run at 30 fps with low resolution. Ok just let me play the game.

    PS: If Doom is on the Switch then Jeff Kaplan must port OW with 30 fps and low resolution (cuz I play OW with low resolution at 30 fps)

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