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Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Q&A

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is the latest iteration to the series coming to the Playstation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch. To help fans get to know the game, Natsume have put together an ongoing Q&A on Tumblr, with part 1 now being published. Here’s the questions and answers so far:

“QUESTION: What is the story for Light of Hope?

As the main character, you set off on a ship one day to look for new adventures! However, your ship is suddenly hit by a storm, and you wash up on a (mostly) deserted island! Luckily, the doctor there, Jeanne, rescues you, and gives you the lowdown on what’s happening in Beacon Town, your new home. It turns out the lighthouse there used to shine so bright, it could be seen for miles. But all the recent storms have wrecked the lighthouse, the people’s homes, and the land. Most of the townspeople have left, but with your help, there might be a way to lure them back…

QUESTION. How many bachelorette and bachelor choices will there be?

There will be 5 bachelors and 5 bachelorettes! Each one has a unique and interesting personality!

QUESTION: Will there be any heart event or friendship event like the old Back to Nature game?

Yes! There will be a variety of heart and friendship events. In addition, some of these events will have choices, and, depending on your answer, will cause different reactions based on your answer. We are striving to give the social interactions more depth for a more enjoyable game play experience.

QUESTION: Will there be any town development? Like the ability to grow relationships and gain access to different shop inventories or residents? Also any farm customization like furniture, placing buildings, paths etc?

Yes, there will! Repairing things will unlock new shops, characters, farming tools, and more areas to farm!”


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    1. I think/hope that’s why they’ve delayed the announcement of the Animal Crossing phone game. Which of course, if true, would have the game coming sooner rather than later.

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