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Here’s Some Footage Of Horror Title Hollow Running On Switch

Back in August, we learned of an interesting indie horror title coming to Switch called Hollow. It’s slated to release this fall and by the looks of the short clip which I’ve included below, Hollow is shaping up to be a pretty intense game. It will make a great addition to the library of Nintendo Switch games and Forever Entertainment have expressed their desire to release a physical version of Hollow too.



  1. If they release this as a physical copy I vow to buy this on the Switch, something Crapcom should have done for RER2.
    I want to fill the shelf I made for my Switch collection with physical games, not my micro sd card with data!
    If smaller dev companies release their games physically I will definitely give them the support I used to show for AAA multiplats before they started becoming greedy a$$holes.

      1. Which I already have the first on the 3DS; played the hell out of it and while the 2nd is good in first impression, I heard it’s shorter. I would’ve loved to have RE7 or ports of RE5/6 on Switch before 7. But this game will have to do.

    1. I hear you…but to me personally the days of putting games on a shelf have ended. I’m almost completely digital now. Especially on Switch. It’s so much more convenient and it keeps your games in mint condition all the time ;) I decided to only buy a bargain bin game here and there physically, or a collector edition every now and then if I really, really like the content.

  2. Wow. Fuck Resident Evil. I’m getting this. Sorry Crapcom. You should’ve given us RE7 when you had the chance since you’re the one who told Nintendo to add more RAM for it.

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