Pokemon Go Update Datamine Details Point Towards Gen 3 Pokemon For Halloween

We recently reported that Niantic’s CEO, John Hanke, had hinted that we could soon be seeing the third generation of Pokemon crop up in Pokemon Go. Now, thanks to Reddit user The Silph Road, a datamine on the latest update for the mobile game points towards a Halloween release for the next new wave of Pokemon. Along with this information, take a look at the list below to see what else was uncovered in the process.


  • Raid Lobby Fixes
  • Notifications for EX Raids that get Cancelled

Potential New Features

  • Passcode Rewards, as tweaks to the passcode box have been made
  • Small tweak appeared adding a new AR service
  • Niantic has several staging levels on different server hosts
  • This APK references to a whole new staging environment, apparently designed to test performance
  • Anti-cheat measurements, including an app blacklist tool

Up-and-coming content

  • Sound files for the ‘cries’ of Gen III Pokemon were added
  • New badge is now referenced in the code called BADGE_POKEDEX_ENTRIES_GEN3
  • New event labeled HALLOWEEN_2017 has appeared
  • New entry has appeared called mapHalloweenNightMusic, which may point to a Halloween-themed map/music
  • Lavendar Town night theme added
  • New splash screen showing Gen III species in the Halloween aesthetic.

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    1. It’s a great FREE game to play. Many people forget it’s free. I tend to play it with friends if we go for a walk and force ourselves to enjoy the outside XD

  1. Sad reality of all this: There are still millions of saps playing this chore of a game with no way to trade/battle/progress traditionally. But 60 million? NOPE! More like 20 to 25 million at best.

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