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Video: GameXplain Tests The GameCube Controller With A Ton Of Switch Games

Today, news of the GameCube adapter being able to work on the Nintendo Switch, thanks to the large update we received recently, very quickly spread online. GameXplain has saved us a lot of time and effort and has compiled a video showing how the GameCube controller works with many of the Nintendo Switch’s games. The games featured include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Check out the 30-minute video below.



  1. It’s not usable as a regular controller but hopefully their setting it up for some GameCube games . I skipped the GameCube so i hope to play some good stuff soon

    1. How could you skip the GameCube while it offers the likes of Mario Sunshine, Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Strikers, Luigi’s Mansion, Resident Evil 0-4, Zelda: Wind Waker/Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 1/2 especially?

      1. I didn’t have a GameCube but I played all of those because I had friends that would let me play on theirs never completed any of them tho but I played enough hours to say I enjoyed them enough at the time when gaming was more for fun as opposed to graphics, at least imo lol

      2. You should know by now I’m not a Nintendo hater, but…..

        Mario Sunshine was just about the least successful main series Mario game ever released. It damaged the franchise, as did Wind Waker by departing too far from the series’ roots. Mario Strikers and Luigi’s Mansion are fine games, but they have pretty narrow audiences. Strikers in particular is in a weird place because Mario is most popular in America and Japan, but Soccer is most popular in Europe. Twilight Princess didn’t come out until the Wii was already upon us, so a great many got it on that platform just like many of us got BOTW for Switch instead of Wii U. Resident Evil 4 was ported to PS2 quickly enough for people to forget the ‘Cube version since they already had a PS2, and the Resident Evil formula of 0-3 had gotten long since stale by the gamecube era, that’s why 4 was such a change in the first place. Metroid Prime is great, but suffered the Halo comparison where many were more interested in multiplayer games which had just started to break out. Smash was outstanding and the most successful ‘cube title, but with all these other missteps it wasn’t enough to support the little box by itself.

        I find it very curious that the Gamecube, Nintendo’s first home console that was definitively unsuccessful, is the one its fans keep asking it to replicate. It tried with the Wii U having many Gamecube remakes and Cube inspired games and sequels, so now really it’s responsible for both of Nintendo’s big home console failures.

        1. Mario Sunshine damaged the franchise…oppose to Sticker Star and the original Mario Bros. 2 which was incredibly hard that it never saw the light of day in US/UK until 20 years later. Wind Waker was like Metroid Prime But was hated for not delivering the original promise. However, that didn’t stop WW from selling well enough to have 2 sequels on DS. Metroid Prime And Halo are nothing alike minus the FPS design which makes sense for Metroid’s 3D leap and became one of the most acclaimed video games of all time. RE4 debacle was also part of Capcom’s infamous Capcom 5 controversy, they’re worried the GC release wouldn’t be enough to sell so they jumped the gun so early to capitalize sales. Mario Strikers was purely a test bed for putting Mario into a football genre and became popular and I think it was primarily for UK to boost its status there. GameCube wasn’t unsuccessful, unlike Pii U that had an even worse support rate plus it’s library of games are a joke but it was a bit underwhelming due to 3 reasons: It’s somewhat “kiddy” lunchbox design despite it being powerful, the micro disc drawback and PS2’s unstoppable popularity. GameCube didn’t exactly fail on its own like Pii U did since the controller is among the gamer’s favorite design, the first party games were much better, it had plenty of 3rd party support and even a GBA Player support. The main reason why it didn’t sell much because of the competition especially when Xbox, which shouldn’t be there in the first place, came into the ring. It was also the reason why Sega withdrawn from the market apart of their bad reputation from previous console releases.

  2. They should just make a wired Switch pro controller that has the same layout as the GCN (and add the buttons it’s missing, obviously). And keep the analog triggers from the GCN. I’d buy the crap outta that.

  3. I seriously hope this signals the eventual GC VC launch. It’s no coincidence that Nintendo updated this without saying anything. They did it and kept it a secret until, like right now, someone will catch on. Now bring on the Wii U Pro Controller which I love just as much as the GameCube’s but the GC needs an updated version with more buttons, change of layout and USB/BT options for the Switch. The GameCube controller will never die.

  4. GameCube is my 2nd fave Ninty console behind only the SNES . While Switch is looking poised to take that spot before its all said and done, I sure do hope to play some GameCube games I missed back in the day. Playing them with an actual GameCube controller would be cool.

  5. GameCube controller works amazing with Minecraft, especially since it has the ability to map buttons. Hopefully most games offers mappable buttons so I can use the GameCube controller more. It’s my favorite controller of all time.

    Such a blessing to be able to use the GameCube controller for 3 more Nintendo consoles! (Aside from the system itself) GameCube shall live on!

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