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Check Out How RiME Runs On Switch Compared To PS4

RiME for Nintendo Switch launches tomorrow and we recently heard from the developers that the game, much like the other versions, suffers from a few ‘hiccups’ here and there. RiME for Switch has taken a little longer to bring to the platform and the team reiterated not long ago that they have spent the extra development time providing the title with an achievement system and that they have made use of the touchscreen and HD rumble features. The game, however, looks to run relatively well on Switch and, when compared to the PS4 version, certainly holds its own. Take a look at the comparison video, below.


9 thoughts on “Check Out How RiME Runs On Switch Compared To PS4”

  1. I had no intentions on getting this game for any of my systems as I have plenty of great games waiting for my time with plenty more coming soon. However, this video lost me almost immediately just based on the lack of detail of the Switch version. They couldn’t even give the lightning the flash/glow effect?!? Not that it makes or breaks the game, but give me a break.

  2. Other websites are showing in their videos several frames drops for switch, but it makes me wonder why Ryme demands so much processing. Not even the ps4 or XBOX one runs this game fluidly. It’s a shame.

    1. Was thinking the same thing.. The Lightning in BOTW puts this to shame as well as the textures and the amount of detail within the world. I know BOTW has its hiccups but this game seems less demanding and yet runs worse.

    2. It’s poorly optimized, period.
      A lot of people blame the console when in reality it’s the game’s fault.
      Like with Bayonetta on PS3 runing horrible while it ran marvelously on XBOX 360 and WiiU.

  3. Those dipping frames are pretty bad. It looks like it happens when transitioning from areas. I’ll give the game a shot tho since I’ve been waiting to play it for a while and i honestly wouldn’t be able to play on PS4 since I’m never home to use it

  4. The opening of this video already speaks to me on top of the last article saying it’s 720p/30FPS on the Switch. Are you fucking kidding me? This cel shade indie game got a severely lazy downgrade from the PS4 compare to far more complicated games like L.A Noire or more recently, Doom. Wind Waker on Wii U manages to impress me with its improvements and that game is a 2002 cel shaded Zelda title which looks miles better than this ass Switch port. PASS.

  5. I was looking forward to getting this game on Switch so I held off on buying it, but after seeing the major performance issues I’m not sure I’ll be getting it for any system. From what I’ve read and seen, the stuttering is so bad in some areas that it completely pulls you out of the experience. It’s really a shame. The game looks like it could be good.

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