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Dev Highlights New Switch Game Icon By Making A Dedicated Trailer

Firing up your Nintendo Switch console and being greeted by the game icons in front of you is something you’re probably quite used to now but is still a treat before you dive into your title of choice. Some fans, however, are quite particular with the design of said icons and sometimes openly share their distaste with the developers and designers when they want it changed. This was the case with Raw Fury and their game The Kingdom: New Lands. A patch is now available to download and with it brings an improved game icon and a trailer for the new icon can be viewed in their tweet below.


  1. I’m not ranting online about it, but I do prefer the redesigns that fans are forcing over the minimalist style here.

    1. Some of us actually want icons that look like they belong on a dedicated video game system, not some dull icon that looks like it belongs to a smartphone game; like Temple Run.

    2. Although, I will agree making a trailer for the change was pretty silly.

  2. Much better. The old icon was so obviously something you’d see on a small smartphone screen, not a dedicated video game system.

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