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Honest Game Trailers Tackle Super Mario Odyssey

It was only a matter of time but the guys over at Smosh Games have made an Honest Game Trailer for Super Mario Odyssey. Everyone seems to be enjoying the new Mario game that released only the other week (including this writer!) but it’s certainly worth checking out the hilarious video below for a good laugh.

They also tackled the beloved Metroid franchise which is also worth a watch here.

Thank you to Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis for the tip!


  1. “I mean, this is what? The 15th time she’s been kidnapped? She can wait a couple more hours.” xD Best line in the video!

    1. “I mean, at least Kirby had the decency to eat his victims!” xD

      “Look, it’s all right if you think Super Mario Sunshine is good as long as you also accept that you’re wrong.” Hey! Fuck you! xD Seriously, though. I should use that next time someone defends FedshitForce! xD

      “Because if you own a Switch & you’re not playing Mario Odyssey then WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE!?!” LOL

      Perpetual Damsel? xD That’s Princess Peach all right. Least Zelda can actually fight back. Maybe Peach does intentionally get kidnapped. lol

      Anyway, these Honest Game Trailers are awesome. I should re-watch the Switch one. lol

      1. I still love the ARMS one.

        “Why can’t I remap the controls in 2017, Nintendo? You’re not even using all the buttons. Why are you like this? Who hurt you?”

        Funnily enough, the patch that allows button mapping released like 2 weeks later.

        1. To each their own as I love Sunshine. Could definitely do without that terrible voice-over for Bowser, though.

          1. Sunshine put me out of the GameCube and directly to the Xbox 360. I never looked back, until the Nintendo Switch (well I had a brief break with the Wii, but sincerely hated it).

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