Fire Emblem Heroes Has Been Updated To Version 2.0.0

A new update has been released for Fire Emblem Heroes on iOS and Android. The game is now at version 2.0.0. As for the update’s contents, a new feature was added, along with the arrival of “Book II”. The update totals 47.63 MB on Android. However, we don’t know the size for iOS. Nevertheless, the patch notes and changes that came with this update can be seen down below.

Download size: 47.63MB (Android) / ???MB (iOS)
Platform: Android and iOS

Patch notes

  • Book II has been added to Story Maps.
  • Added a new feature: Weapon Refinery.
  • Added new skills for the weapon type Staff.
  • Adjusted the cooldown for some Special skills.
  • Expanded the barracks by 100 for all users.

List of changes:

  • new skills available at 5 ★ for Heroes using staves
  • the countdown trigger is reduced by 1 turn for some skills
  • free barrack extension (+ 100 Heroes)
  • stamina capped to 10 for Story and Paralogue maps
  • adds the Weapon Refinery
  • adds Book II (new main story)
  • new game icon


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