Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Surpassed 15,000,000 Downloads In Its First 6 Days Worldwide

We are only just beginning to see how well Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is doing, and SensorTower has given us some new insight into this. In the first six days that it was available worldwide on the App Store and on Google Play, the game has managed to surpass 15,000,000 downloads. This is roughly half of the 32,000,000 downloads that Super Mario Run managed to get during that same six-day time span. We’ve included a graph of this data down below.

As for revenue, Japan is where the game is doing best. According to SensorTower’s report, “the game is performing best in this regard in Nintendo’s home territory of Japan, where it’s currently ranked No. 10 on the iPhone top grossing chart. It had reached as high as No. 5 there on November 25. The game has a ways to go in reaching a similar high in other major markets, such as the U.S., where it is currently ranked at No. 72 for revenue among all iPhone apps. By comparison, the more hardcore Fire Emblem Heroes reached No. 8 grossing in the U.S. the day after launching here, and climbed as high as No. 6 on August 31 of this year.”



  1. Hopefully the popularity urges them to push out a Switch title sooner rather than later. It’s been far too long without a true Animal Crossing title! This one is filling the void for the time being though!

  2. Nintendo already proved that intellectual property+millions of downloads do not always mean money.
    Pay to play games are only as successful as they are able to make players part with their money.
    Not even Super Mario Run was able to do that.
    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is visually beautiful, which creates high hopes for what a Switch version could be. But it is an awfully shallow game. So, among the 15 million people who downloaded it, we have to wonder how many will be playing in a month, and how many will be willing to pay for the privilege.
    As a veteran of all AC games since the GameCube version, this iteration is not for me. I’ll hold on to my 3DS and hope that Nintendo will not pass on the chance to port AC (and pilot wings, and wave race, and F-Zero) to the Switch.

    1. Animal Crossing is free-to-play with microtransactions. This model is a lot different than Mario’s $10 premium price, and is the most successful model when it comes to mobile games. SMR would’ve been a smash hit if Nintendo had priced it right. Fire Emblem’s been quite successful for them.

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