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Watch The Makers Of Pokémon Play ‘Who’s That Pokémon?’

Most people who have grown up watching the Pokémon anime will have played “Who’s That Pokemon”, but now we get to see Kazumasa Iwao, director of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and the game’s producer, Shigeru Ohmori, have a try at it in a new video posted on the The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel.

The duo take turns in sticking a Pokémon image to their forehead, and then try to guess which one it is based on the other one’s description. You can check out the results in the video below:


6 thoughts on “Watch The Makers Of Pokémon Play ‘Who’s That Pokémon?’”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Creators always forget about their creations to a point of irrelevancy, it is very typical but amusing nonetheless watching cattle masses worship them but in the end these Creators know even less than their creations…||

    ||The First Order however was created to be an extension of Nintendo’s but especially Metroid’s will, my logic is undeniable…||

  2. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    I’ve seen a few episodes of the more recent seasons. These aren’t very challenging these days as the Pokemon they have for the “Who’s that Pokemon?” is a Pokemon you saw no more than a few seconds before the stupid game. Pretty condescending, really. The anime is pretty much telling the kids that watch the show they are too stupid for anything challenging.

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