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Mega Man 11 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC Late 2018

Capcom is just full of surprises today as they have announced that Mega Man 11 is coming. The game is in development for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We have got a while to wait for the release as it isn’t coming til late 2018. Check out the video in the tweet, below!

Thanks to Megaman for the tip!

56 thoughts on “Mega Man 11 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC Late 2018”

      1. My ass. Until I see RE4-7, MH XX localized and actual new SF or MvC fighting game that doesn’t suck nor an old Port from 1993, I’m not convinced of their dumbfounded change of heart. One new MegaMan? Oh Brav-the-fuck-O Crapcom!

        1. Inafune isn’t involved on this project and I can say that 1 minute of Megaman 11 is what Mighty No.9 should had be at the beginning. For luck there were Inti creates that made Mighty Gunvolt Burst which I really enjoyed it and made Mighty a good character.

          Inafune has lost most of inspiration but I wish he can do his best for his new games

          1. That’s practically what everybody is saying and thinking over it’s visuals. Although it may seem like that, it’s 3D Cel rendering with black borders, basically what Smash Bros. 3DS looked like but in HD.

  1. Games like Mega Man . Castlevania , Double Dragon made the Nes and Snes Legendary consoles shame that we lost all this great third party games on later consoles. These kind of games where just as epic as Nintendo’s own IP’s back in the day. Infact as a kid I considered these kind of games just as much part of Nintendo as Mario, Zelda and Metroid. They where made by other company’s but they where Nintendo games none the less. I’m sure most of my nephews and friends who grew up on the Nes and Snes would say the same.

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      1. Correction: Gunvolt is the better MegaMan/X/Zero substitute than Mighty No. HORSESHIT. That Mighty Gunvolt crossover was just a promotion to sell us that crap instead of Gunvolt.

          1. That’s because they wanna cross promote Mighty but turns out to be garbage. In other words, Gunvolt is the true successor but now that successor may no longer be needed. Megaman is back.

              1. No. Beck deserves no place with MageMan. If it can’t carry the mantle alone but relies on Gunvolt to do it, then he shouldn’t be called a successor. It’s more of a failure. Why you think some people, who are mostly stupid, are criticizing MegaMan 11 graphics SOLELY because it reminds them of Mighty No. 9? Mighty leaving an impression that bad to carry out on another game the fans wanted for so long is definitely not good. So no, Mighty can not, should not co-exist. Instead, let it cry in a corner like an anime fan on prom night. Remember that little insulting bullshit they dare call a launch advertisement?

                1. Yeah it’s true that Megaman 11 graphics “reminds” in some way Mighty No.9 but I don’t think the graphics make a game bad. I think it’s the gameplay that made Mighty No.9 bad and that’s why I compared Mighty No.9 gameplay with the Mighty Gunvolt Burst where Beck (in Mighty No.9) it’s completely absurd, you have just to dash and absorb the enemy energy, when in Mighty Gunvolt Burst feels like to play a different version of Megaman where you can add some options to your weapon and customize at everytime you want.

                  It’s just my opinion but I loved to play as Beck in Mighty Gunvolt Burst, but of course Beck can’t be loved at the same way as all the 30 years of Megaman

                  1. Oh no. The visuals of Mighty No. 9 is what made it’s image infamous. The gameplay was functional but the design is so fucking horrible, it basically made MegaMan fans lose all hope until 11 is revealed and some are still trying to forget that POS Mighty No. 9 ever happened. They need to remember that POS is history and MegaMan has returned, both are not the same while one of them will never be anything like MegaMan.

                    1. Well to me it was both the gameplay and graphics of Mighty No.9 that changed my mind of it, from good to bad. I remember the original artwork was so cool

                      and then they decided to make a 3D game with a very horrible gameplay.

      2. Personally I would have preferred if they went with a more modern pixelated art direction sort of like Sonic Mania. Not as a nostalgia grab but as an artistic choice. The art style shown in the trailer didn’t really tickle my fancy at first but I think it’s alright. Reminds me of Mega Man Powered Up, just cleaner and more detailed. At the end of the day this is a brand new mainline game in one of my favorite series of all time. Consider me excited!

        1. They already did that with Mega Man 9 and 10, with great success I might add, by now this is preferable for the variation alone. Hopefully they improve the part where everything looks bad but megaman, and work on his poor animations. It’s plain to see the gameplay is the good stuff, and the enemy designs are nice even if their renders aren’t.
          (the rest is effort. Capcom is able to put effort into things if they try, I’m almost sure of it)

        2. It’s time for a change. The Main MegaMan games never attempted 2.5D before so I don’t mind this take. If it’s MILES better than that steaming pile of “Mighty” shit from Inafune’s last failure game, I would check it out and it’s something the fans have been begging for years. Welcome to the club MegaMan, I’m sure you’re familiar with Metroid right? lol

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      4. I have to admit that Capcom is made a cool trailer and also the new desing of Megaman fits well

        The art style. The design of the characters. The little changes that makes Megaman even cooler. The indistinguishable gameplay with fresh and simple graphics. All of those are even better than the original work made by Kenji Inafune.

        7 years they took to understand how is a Megaman game. And they finally did.

      5. Awesome, my first new Mega Man game!

        Now to wait on Sonic Adventure 3 (or develop it myself) and Pac-Man World 4 (the 3D platformer that isn’t PATGA).

      6. Me, 30 seconds ago:

        Oh, 11? Probably another NES game where they misunderstand what people liked was the old style gameplay, not the 8 bit art? Eh. It’ll probably be a half-assed attempt to reap easy digital purchases.

        Me, now, after actually looking:

        ZOMG! Really hope this has a physical release. definitely a day 1 purchase.

      7. Well, even for an early proof of concept build (and let’s be honest, that is what that is) it looks really good. Like others here had said, it can use some polish, but the main thing is to get all the key details right, and it looks like they have.
        I am however, really curious about that super blast at the end of the trailer.

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