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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Hits 25 Million Downloads

The Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp app has now reached a new milestone at 25 million downloads, along with turning over $17 million in revenue according to Apptopia.

Gamebeat was provided this statement: “Even though the revenue is not impressive, Animal Crossing had a much stronger launch than Fire Emblem did in terms of downloads. It has a much stronger worldwide brand and player base, whereas Fire Emblem is more popular in Japan.”

Apptopia doesn’t believe that it will reach the success of Nintendo’s previous mobile applications Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, due to the lack of multiplayer function. However, it is likely that the app will continue to hit milestones in terms of downloads due to the fan base behind the Animal Crossing franchise.

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  1. “.. due to the lack of multiplayer function.”

    Umm their other games have lackluster multiplayer as well. Trust me, that’s not the reason. It’s the gameplay, I’m burned out after a few weeks.


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