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Splatoon 2 Has Been Updated To Version 2.1.1

Splatoon 2 has been out for a good while, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from releasing updates frequently. In fact, a brand new update was released by Nintendo today. The game now sits at version 2.1.1. This update focuses on polishing multiplayer, although Nintendo has also fixed bugs in other areas of the game. The full patch notes can be seen down below.

  • Changes to Multiplayer
    • Fixed an issue in Clam Blitz mode where overtime would mistakenly end too soon when the barrier timer expired.
      • This occurred when the losing team activated the barrier timer and then took the lead, and the barrier remained open until the match timer reached zero.
    • Fixed an issue where hitting an opponent standing on particular stage features with direct hits from the Inkjet special occasionally caused the shots to not explode or deliver damage to the opponent.
    • We have fixed an issue getting into landforms when executing super jump from specific location to specific location in Port Mackerel.
  • Changes to League Battle
    • Fixed an issue where immediately after a team’s Highest League Power was updated, if results could not be uploaded due to a poor network connection or other reasons, that Highest League Power was not reflected in the online ranking list until Highest League Power was updated again.
  • Other Changes
    • Fixed an issue preventing weapon test targets in certain locations from taking damage from an Ink Storm.



      1. Nope. It’s doable, definitely. And it feels great if you manage to get through it with your team.
        High tide is meant to be difficult. And with Boss rush it’s part of the challenge that there are so many bosses.

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