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Team Of Hackers Succeed At Hacking The Nintendo Switch

At a recent German hacking conference, a team of hackers have successfully hacked a Nintendo Switch. Taking advantage of the Switch’s off-the-shelf Nvidia Tegra chip, the team demonstrated that it is possible to install a program to allow for unofficial homebrew software. The video that showed users how to do so has since been scrubbed off the web and as always, we do not advocate hacking here at My Nintendo News. Hacking a console brings a good chance of voiding your warranty with Nintendo and, with regular updates being distributed by Nintendo, expect your console to work abnormally – or not at all.

This isn’t the first time the Nintendo Switch has been hacked. We reported back in March that a popular hacker posted his findings and highlighted the system’s hidden web browser that showed some vulnerabilities which were inevitably exploited.


32 thoughts on “Team Of Hackers Succeed At Hacking The Nintendo Switch”

  1. NO!
    GOD PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Always there is the same scheme…
    First “homebrew” and illegal emulation
    Next hacks for games… I HATE HACKERS in Splatoon1 on Wii U. They DESTROY game.
    Next pirates = console is dead.
    Switch is first really great console, i don’t want to end it so quickly.

    1. Not all hacks are bad yes the console is region free from what i read but still very restrictive in what you can actually do, so i don’t see the harm in a little. Who knows you may get access to a internet browser. hacking isn’t the end of the world guys and girls.

  2. As long as I’m able to buy physical copies of games I don’t care much for hacking, but once they take away my ability to buy physical all bets are off. Just give me my physical games and we won’t have any problems devs O_O

      1. “Of course, consoles are more successful when people find out they can be hacked”

        Can you come up with a single example of this? What are the major hack consoles? The Wii which was already a hit, the original Xbox which was a failure, the PSP and the Vita were both failures. What, the 3DS? Who’s primary demographic barely knows how to use an action replay?

        1. Back in the PSX days, in my country it sold a lot, many children that were my age had it with a lot of xD clones. I don’t have numbers, it is just my appreciation, but it also happened with Nintendo DS, there were a lot of R4-like cards out there.

    1. The PSP wasn’t successful, and the PS2 successful because of hacking? In what universe? Maybe 1 in 1000 PS2 customers did anything with it that sony didn’t authorize, MAYBE. I’d put a more realistic estimate at 1 in 5000.

    1. Thats basically what I think about hacking as long as you do the right things like modding and stuff it’s alright making hacks like infinite stuff and etc is horrible and most likely makes the game unbalanced and Unfun I know because using hacks on the 3ds bored me to death like that

  3. People get all riled up about hacking, and while I get that people automatically tend to associate it with piracy, there are many cool things you can do with it. I think it would be pretty awesome if someone made a hack to add characters to FE Warriors the way they did for Smash bros. As long as people keep their business out of online pvp, it’s pretty harmless.

  4. “as always, we do not advocate hacking here at My Nintendo News.” Then don’t report on it.
    People will look at this article and take it as a queue to look things up and then next thing you know, online multiplayer on the switch is ruined by hackers.

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