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Dark Souls: Remastered Will Not Support Cross-Platform Play

Dark Souls: Remastered is coming out on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, on May 25th. Unfortunately, you will not be able to experience cross-platform play on it. That is because IGN has reached out to Bandai Namco to find out about the matter. According to IGN, “a representative confirmed to IGN that Dark Souls: Remastered ‘will not have cross-platform play.'”


19 thoughts on “Dark Souls: Remastered Will Not Support Cross-Platform Play”

    1. In that sense, why play Rocket League and Minecraft on Nintendo? Because people do enjoy those games and want plenty of people supporting it so you can have online folks to play with.

    1. Fuck those assholes. They had their time anyway. They’re just scared as shit of the Switch quickly climbing up to their high chair and for allowing Xbox to have a few advantages like backward games.

  1. The PvP aspect isn’t very good in Dark Souls imo.
    But the co-op can be really great, especially when you’re learning the ropes.
    I don’t think cross-play would matter all too much in this kind of game.
    It wouldn’t have hurt, but eh. I don’t care.

    Portable Dark Souls is going to be awesome either way.

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  4. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    lol at the people that think Sony has something to do with this. They have no reason to undermine the Switch as they are doing great with the PS4 as they are at the top of the mountain. By the time Switch catches up, they’ll be revealing their next PlayStation. Microsoft has more reason to undermine Switch but we know they wouldn’t do this, either, as they are for cross platform play as their game Minecraft has cross platform play on all systems but PlayStation right now. The only place Sony is blocking cross platform play is on their own system for some stupid reason. (Funny how their reason is something you’d more expect from Nintendo as a reason why they aren’t doing this or that. lol) Just more anti-Sony paranoia like when people thought Sony was undermining Switch with the release of Monster Hunter’s XX not releasing outside of Japan. *shrug* Whatever, though.

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