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Rumour: Retro Studios Possibly Working On Something Non-Gaming Related

Former MCV journalist Christopher Dring has said on Twitter that he has heard that the acclaimed Retro Studios are possibly working on something non-gaming related. The news was uncovered during a Twitter thread when Dring wondered if it was Retro Studios who were responsible for Nintendo Labo.

Thanks to Mike for the news tip!

20 thoughts on “Rumour: Retro Studios Possibly Working On Something Non-Gaming Related”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Unless they are constructing a second body for me, this is entirely wrong and based on assumptions made by their tiny brains, period…||

  2. P4. This is a division that was founded to develop game software, has never done anything but develop game software, and is rather exceptional at developing game software. Why would Nintendo have them working on something non-game related?

    Unless there’s been some major change in leadership, workforce, and direction of the division; and all the former members of retro were moved elsewhere.

    1. That’s what people forget: game studios are fluid and after each project, much of the team changes. And good, creative teams also don’t tend to like being trapped in one idea for very long. As fans, we expect a name to be able to churn out the same quality and do it with the same idea over and over without burning out, and that’s really not that reasonable.

      The director of the Prime Trilogy hasn’t been with the company for almost ten years.

      1. But how often does a studio go from doing nothing but developing games its entire existence to working on non-gaming related projects. That’s a drastic change. Game studios often change there teams from time to time, but they still make games afterwards.

        1. This is still game development? It’s software that interacts with physical objects sure, but there is a game component to all this. We just haven’t seen much of it yet.

          Assuming the rumor is true, Retro may have pitched the idea. Or Nintendo said, hey we want to do this thing, and Retro volunteered. I just don’t put much stake in an individual studio when it’s part of a larger thing like Nintendo. There’s tons of crossover, and it’s a little like rooting for a sports team all your life: the only thing that stays the same is the logo. Retro working on this is no different than any other Nintendo studio doing it as far as I’m concerned.

          1. In my opinion, Labo is game related, but he said Retro was working on something “non-gaming” related. That’s where I see a conflict. Having re-read the tweets though it’s possible that he considers Labo non-gaming related. I guess it’s hard to tell what he means unless he also tells us his definition of “gaming-related”.

  3. I can’t really believe this is true. Even if they did something else then making a new game (don’t know, working on the Nintendo Labo stuff or something), I don’t think that the whole studio spent the last 4 years with it. Maybe just a small group, as a side project. Also, I can’t remember that they had any job offers that weren’t gaming related.

  4. Can they please work on a new IP already? I heard Raven Blade was interesting. It could be Nintendo’s own Dark Souls mixed with Zelda Twilight Princess dark elements. :)

  5. Yeh and I’m a landscape gardener, but I’m gona be a driving instructor instead.
    Please don’t fill us with this information.
    I’m pretty sure not just myself, but many many hardcore Nintendo fans are really hopeful for another GAME from retro studios because of their quality reputation.

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