Labo Nintendo Switch

Wii U Menu Button Has Been Replaced By Nintendo Labo On The Official Nintendo Site

The Wii U menu button is no more on the homepage for another one of Nintendo’s main websites. The Wii U-specific button has been removed from the official European site, which instead displays a Nintendo Labo button right under the Nintendo Switch category. You can see how the new kid on the block fits right in via the below screenshot. Nintendo’s upcoming line of interactive build-and-play experiences is set to launch on April 20, with pre-orders available now at multiple locations.



    1. But cardboard can’t stream or let you browse the internet on your bedroom set by typing.

      I still use of Wii U everyday (I just don’t play it).


      1. You mean to tell to me you do stuff that can easily be done off a mobile device, or laptop, sure your using Wii U but that’s definitely not a main point of using it, you said it yourself you don’t even play it making Wii U sound more weak than it already is because right now it just sounds like a big bulky tablet with a big block to sit next to your tv lol


      2. 1. I have no mobile device. No SMR, no Sonic Runners, no FE Heroes.
        2. My laptop lags, overheats, and shuts down from prolonged use. Plus, it helped me catch up and watch so many shows now only found for free on the internet (Teen Titans Go is not an option!).

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  1. I wish I could replace the useless Miiverse button on my n3DS. :/ *glares at that god damn blue dot over the Miiverse icon* It’s their taunting me; reminding me of the potential of Miiverse that Nintendo ruined after only 1 or 2 years… But I digress…


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