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Rumour: Linkedin Page Suggests Metroid Prime 4 Developed With Bandai Namco Singapore & Ridge Racer 8 Exclusive To Switch

A rumour is swirling around the internet suggesting that the upcoming Metroid Prime 4 is being developed with Bandai Namco Singapore. The information comes from a recently discovered Linkedin page which an employee has stated that he’s working on an unannounced IP (first person shooter/adventure exclusive to Nintendo Switch). The same individual says that he’s working on Ridge Racer 8 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. What’s also interesting is that the person states that he’s also working on The Ace Combat 7 specifically talking about the VR section, which is true. As always we shall have to wait and see.


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  1. A Nintendo direct would be a nice way to show off fire emblem switch (not warriors) and maybe a few other big games with teasers like for prime 4? Literally they could have a trailer for announcing prime 4’s sub title and fans like myself would go ape shit!

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    1. Since they announced Metroid Prime 4 being in development last E3, there is a good possibility that they release a trailer of Prime 4 in the E3 of this year.

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  2. If its Bandai Namco who is developing Metroid Prime 4, then it’s in good hands as they stay true to the art style of other series like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto.

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  3. The Metroid Prime series not being handled by a western developer worries me greatly, one of the reasons the Prime series was so good was because the people that crafted those games grew with Super Metroid, plus American Sci-fi.

    Other M is what happens when you mix Japanese sci-fi plus Metroid, coming from the roots of Gundam(initial space sci-fi influencer in modern Japan), you can clearly see this by the writing and the space marines suits.

    The Prime games are what happens when you mix American sci-fi plus Metroid, roots being Alien(Sakamoto himself say Alien was the direct inspiration, still you can feel the Gundam influence), you can clearly see this by looking at the monsters design, and incredible love put into the atmosphere.

    Is Kensuke Tanabe at least working on the game? The man is a legend and was well know for pushing Retro studios to the limit.

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    1. One thing they’re not mentioning here is that the Singapore studio is full of ex Lucas Arts devs that were working on Star Wars 1313 before it got cancelled.

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    2. If I am not mistaken, Kensuke Tanabe is indeed the producer of Prime 4. I think there was an article here in My Nintendo News about this.


    3. Kensuke Tanabe? You mean the producer that brought us Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash, Metroid Prime: FedshitForce, and Paper Mario: Color Splash? I’d rather that guy be put as far away from any control over MP4 as possible. If he lets the developers retcon the bullshit from that false Metroid Prime game on 3DS, I might be willing to forgive him for at least his transgressions against Metroid.


  4. Well knowing that Namco has been on a roll lately, them giving a hand on making Prime 4 is better than no help at all. I just hope they know what they’re doing because this game is writing on EVERYTHING right now. We need Prime 4 to kick ass like the original 3…and maybe Hunters if they happen to put in it’s multiplayer.


  5. Pretty intresting considering they make RPG’s and Fighting games pretty much exclusively. It could fit the Metroidvenia style , altough Metroid Prime was really amazing and more shooter based than rpg’ish. Curious to see if they put in mechanics from Dark Souls or even Ni No Kuni.


    1. It might become something totally different than what we are used to though. When looking at the Star Wars 1313 someone mentiont above it might even become another Metroid Other M only done allot better hopefully. For me personally the worse home console Metroid I ever played, even though we don’t have much choise between The Nes/Snes and Prime series beeing only two kinds of games.


  6. The new Metroid has to be just like Prime series… And I hope Ridge Racer is exclusive!!! Be awesome…. Switch needs to claim more games for its own


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