Nintendo Switch

Blizzard Confirms No Plans To Bring Hearthstone To Nintendo Switch

It doesn’t look like the rumored Nintendo Switch version of Hearthstone will be unveiled anytime soon. Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that it has no plans to bring its popular online card game to Nintendo’s latest console. During a recent interview, Blizzard game designer August Dean Ayala had this to say: “There are no plans to move HearthStone to the Nintendo Switch.” Here’s hoping Blizzard changes its mind and eventually releases it on Nintendo Switch.




    1. Blizzard wouldn’t have anything to show at E3 anyway. They save stuff for Blizzcon in November since they’re big enough to have their own convention rather than try to share attention with literally everyone else at E3.

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      1. Big enough?
        Hmm i wonder whats in blizzcon
        Uhhh developer update
        New content
        Cosplay competition
        Wait a minute we can have that in E3


  1. How will my life go on without a free to play mobile game that I have never bothered to install on my 5 other devices that can play it??
    I’d still rather take Paladins over Overwatch, though haven’t played either of them for a year now.

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