Here’s The Mega Man Toy Reveals From The New York Toy Fair

The New York Toy Fair is currently taking place and Bandai Namco has revealed some brand-new Mega Man toys. There’s four new “66 Action” mini figures which are Super Mega Man, Star Force Mega Man, Cut Man and Vile for $8.00 each. There’s also Ride Armors. X and Vile’s Ride Armors coming this year for $50.00 each. Here’s a look at them courtesy of Twitter user Preternia.


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      1. As a means to unlock shit that’s in the game. That’s just as worse as buying fixed lootcrate drops and on top of that, you can’t even play with ANY of the figures and there isn’t a single game where you can play with the characters instead of just unlocking cosmetic crap for $13 a pop or use as a typical AI that’s no different that the usual AI outside of that.


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