Nintendo Has Emailed Creators Program Members About YouTube’s New Partner Requirement Changes

If you are a part of Nintendo’s YouTube Creators Program, then you probably saw a new email in your inbox today. Last month, YouTube made changes to the criteria you need to meet to be a YouTube partner. Well, Nintendo has emailed their Creators Program members in regards to the impact these changes will have to Nintendo’s program. Here’s what the email says:

Thank you for using the Nintendo Creators Program. In January, changes were made to the YouTube service. This email will explain how this will impact the Nintendo Creators Program.

As YouTube informed the creators, the YouTube Partners Program requirements were changed: New channels require 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers in order to be eligible for monetization. It was also announced that, for existing channels, the same requirements will be applied from Feb. 20, 2018. After Feb. 20, channels that do not reach the requirements will no longer be able to earn money on YouTube.

The Nintendo Creators Program requires agreement to and participation in the YouTube Partner Program, so if channels do not meet the above eligibility requirements, they will not be able to monetize on the Nintendo Creators Program from their videos.

Further, please be aware that if you already have your channel registered to the Nintendo Creators Program, those channels that do not meet the requirements will be deactivated from the Program by YouTube.

Source: Nintendo



  1. some will say nintendo is “evil” for doing this but the thing is its youtube and its all because of people like logan paul and i guess nintendo doesn’t want anyone to smear their name should they go for their partnership, basically doing what youtube is doing. those who are legit, i fell sorry for you guys if you don’t meet the requirements and the blame will go to people like logan paul, not nintendo because as i said it also affects them.


      1. I don’t think that Logan Paul is the direct reason for this, just the issues he caused hit around the same time that YouTube was taking action on another issue so they’ve kinda gotten rolled together in a lot of people’s minds.

        What caused this was channels showing highly questionable content specifically made to get into autoplay rotations to milk money from ads using characters that children were most likely to search for. I’ve never seen any of these videos myself, but usually when this was talked about I’d see a thumbnail of a crappy looking Spiderman and a pregnant Elsa. The action YouTube decided to take with these videos is the more strict requirements in order to earn ad money that Nintendo is referencing with their e-mail.

        Logan Paul is a completely separate type of YouTube scum. Again, going with second hand info here because I hadn’t heard of him before everything happened. Apparently he was a popular YouTuber doing different things for a laugh. Sounds harmless enough until you see him go to Japan and act like a lunatic at shrines and the big one of going to a well known place where people commit suicide and not only filming but also using an actual dead body in the video’s thumbnail. YouTube took special action against him, and included some parts in their new stricter requirements on how they’ll handle screening for videos that partners release to prevent things like this from happening again.

        So there you have it. Two separate types of human garbage causing problems for everyone.

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      1. Nothing. It’s just that his shenanigans happened around the same time YouTube was dealing with a different group of problematic content creators so I think a lot of people sorta combined the two events in their minds.


    1. They can still make money from it so long as they meet the criteria of having 1,000 Subscribers or more and hits 4K Hours worth of watch time within a year. Honestly, it’s not as bad as people are making it out to be, I’ve got a YouTuber in my Discord server that gets a decent amount of traffic but nothing in the thousands upon thousands of views and still he’s easily able to hit 5K Hours worth in less than a month.


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