Nintendo Switch

The Duck Game Dev Blog Says That The Game “Runs Really Well” On Nintendo Switch

A new post was published on the official Duck Game dev blog, and it talks about the Switch version of the game. We’ve known about Duck Game coming to the Switch for months now, but updates have been few and far between. The latest update revealed that the game “runs really well” on the console, and that “release dates and features and whatnot have yet to be decided”. Here is what was said:

It runs really well too! I’ve been working with Tom from the Monogame team who is the most powerful code wizard I have ever met and without him the switch version never would have been possible. The original OUYA version of Duck Game actually ran in Monogame as well, so really Duck Game never would have happened at all without those guys. So this is basically an announcement for the Switch version of Duck Game, although release dates and features and whatnot have yet to be decided.




  1. The game doesn’t look too intensive for switch I mean we have rocket league. The way he sounds like makes me think it’s impossible to port it over to the switch.


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