Nintendo Switch

The Switch Version Of Doom Now Has Motion Controls

A new update has come out for the Nintendo Switch version of Doom. We had been told a little over a week ago that an update was on the way, but exactly what was going to change has been up in the air. All we knew was that the update would be “covering audio issues, menu fixes, and more”. Well, it turns out that the update was bigger than expected. Even the game’s icon on the Switch menu has changed. However, most importantly, there is now the ability to use motion controls. Patch notes have not come out yet, but in the meantime, you can see an in-game image of the new motion control options down below.




      1. Go into options and turn off chromatic aberration (I think that’s it). It helps but doesn’t fix it completely.

        You have to remember this is a full blown game first developed for much more powerful consoles. This is likely as good as it could look.


      2. If it can have an option to turn off the AA, it could help make the visuals a bit sharper and able to output 720p on handheld. As for docked, it should’ve achieved 900p at best.

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      3. I HIGHLY doubt they can increase the graphics and resolution up. The game barely performs on the highest difficulty (mob increases the higher the difficulty) Its a miracle its even running on the system. Its settings are actually 1 tick lower than PC ver. lowest settings. Stays around 612p a good amount and frequent fps drops (gets worse the higher the difficulty and later levels). Lets b real here, they hav already optimized a hell of alot so I doubt they can get the system to push any further unless the system stayed purely docked. Sound fix and lag fix sounds more reasonable.

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      4. Pretty sure disabling AA wouldn’t reduce GPU/bandwidth load enough to bring it to 900p. It’s not like it’s using MSAA, it’s using temporal AA which is a post-processing effect that smooths edges but also allows lower frame rates to look smoother. So it’s not the most intensive form of AA and considering the docked mode averages around 1088×612, it would wiser to stick with 720p and just let it hit that resolution more often.

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      5. Why reduce enemy count? Tht wuld defeat the purpose of the difficulty settings and mess with the games vision. (tht wuld feel like we will b getting an inferior game content wise compared to the other versions) I’d rather the game kept the mob amount. and its already using TAA which is not making the game look sharp but instead does make it look a bit more blurrier. So they culd turn it off to make it look a bit more crisp but it wuld barely affect the resolution or performance. But if u want to keep somewhat smooth edges, while having a bit less blurriness, then they culd turn the AA to FXAA, which is the weakest form of AA.

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      6. Only slightly because it obviously shows that too many on screen can lag the framerate. I have seen it. FXAA would be fine or turn it off completely would help the resolution output, at least greatly for handheld mode.


    1. awake gamer

      i add i have actually walked out of peoples houses seeing them fps on a dualshock ITS LIKE WALKING INTO THERE HOUSE SEEING THEM RAPE CHILDREN its wrong


  1. HUZZAH! Motion control aiming should make the game so much better!

    Hopefully a sound patch that fixes the game going silent after shotgun rounds is part of the package- I’ve had that happen way too often.


  2. Whats with these 3rd party companies? How is it OK to launch essentially broken games, then put a fix out months later? I spent good money on this and brawlout, only to find out they only work minimally, not the way they were intended to be played.


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