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Nintendo Shares New Concept Art For Tostarena From Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo of America has shared another piece of concept art for Tostarena from Super Mario Odyssey. Take a look at it in the image below, where you can see the contrast between the curvy lines of the sandy hills and the straight lines of the buildings. Nintendo recently revealed an early sketch of Mario in the Poncho and Sombrero outfit, which is also from the Nintendo Switch game.




  1. Super Mario Odyssey is destined to be wiped from my memory faster than any other Mario game before. I defeated Bowser in 14 days (only played between 1-3 hours a night). And only played a little while after that, and now I’ve found myself not wanting to return. I actually felt that way the whole time I played it. Like, I couldn’t wait to get to my other games. I have very mixed feelings about Super Mario Odyssey. Sunshine is STILL my favorite.


      1. I loved everything about Sunshine. In fact, while I was playing Super Mario Odyssey, I kept wishing I had FLUDD (the water jetpack) so that I could hover over certain areas. Heck, you can’t even ride Yoshi in Odyssey (unless I just didn’t find/unlock him, I’m already forgetting things). Odyssey is a good game. But it just seems like past Mario games had much more to offer. And never have I finished the main story in a 3D Mario game faster than I did with Odyssey.


      2. Mario Odyssey only seems like a shorter game because it forgoes the blatant padding that occurs in previous entries, a la throwing you out of a level when you complete an objective.
        Super Mario Odyssey has just as much if not more to offer to the 3D Mario series and it manages to do it with tight mechanics and level design that act as an evolution of 64 and Sunshine.
        Each title in the franchise is vastly different from one another and I find that a lot more of an enjoyable truth than to cling to my childhood nostalgia and wish the new game copied and pasted old mechanics.
        I love Sunshine too, but I can also admit the amount of padding, design flaws, and general lack of polish would make that the last game Super Mario Odyssey should be.
        No, Mario Odyssey is it’s own thing, as Mario Sunshine is it’s own thing. You don’t have to like Odyssey, but you can’t tell me it has less to offer simply because it doesn’t do what previous games did.

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    1. Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild definitely have a pretty short story when you ignore all the extra stuff you honestly don’t need.


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