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Video: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Switch Vs PS4 Pro Early Graphics Comparison

We recently found out that Crash Bandicoot is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch. We will be getting a port of the acclaimed Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy which previously graced the PlayStation 4 last year. The Nintendo Switch version of the game is being developed by Skylanders team, Toys For Bob. YouTube channel Cycu1 have uploaded a comparison video of the early footage we have seen of the game running on the Switch and has compared it to the readily available PlayStation 4 Pro version. Have a watch at the early comparison video below.

Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the tip!



    1. I saw the video. My God does this port look damn near identical but considering that they’re comparing Pro to Switch is a bit unfair but looking at it closely, there’s almost no difference at all. I’m so buying this game…again. :3


  1. Though the Switch version is at a lower resolution than the ps4 pro version the Switch has way better ambient occlusion than the ps4 version, which may have something to do with nvidia always being able to get better visuals than AMD based gpus.
    As long as the entire trilogy is on one cartridge, or multiple cartridges given the size, when it comes to the physical version, and not split up into part digital download and part physical like other lazy ass companies love to do, CAPCOM, then I’ll definitely buy the Switch version over the ps4 version.

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  2. ||Sonyans weapons never interested be back then and do even less so today, but of course, this is good just to spite them…||

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      1. If I’m not mistaken 3DS/Wii U are the only Nintendo consoles since since the Nintendo 64 not to have Crash games on them. I prefer Wrath of Cortex over Warped too


  3. I love how the Switch is always compared to the most powerful versions of the game. Switch vs PS4 Pro, Switch vs Xbox One X, Switch vs PC on max settings.

    It’s like the industry wants you to see how underpowered the Switch is when it comes the competition most recent offerings. Why is it never Switch vs PS4 or Switch vs Xbox One S. Such a joke….

    Crash still looks and more importantly PLAYS just like the other platforms. Nothing drastic is going to change except for when you buy Crash for the Switch… Your also getting a portable offering. Something the other guys can’t offer.

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    1. ||Because they have all been brainwashed by graphics over gameplay ever since the Xbots joined and of course the Sonyans followed by competing in that department, forgetting what true gaming is all about…||

      ||But as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you, makes you…||

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    2. well that really depends on how you see it. For me these comparisons are just awesome exactly because they’re against the high end console hardware. 13 months ago, everyone was like the Switch would be barely better than a WiiU. 12 months ago there was suddenly a comparison video online showing how Snake Pass holds up against the PS4 version.

      Why should it be ‘such a joke’ ? The Switch is a portable console. Anyone who expect it to outperform the PS4 or PS4Pro is just crazy on acid. But when the WiiU was launched, it got compared to the PS3 and XB360 and when the PS4 then launched, no one even cared to compare these hardware generations to each other. Now Nintendo can still play along by offering the portability-home console-combochain. And everyone who is into the Switch will just look at that video above and think how ridiculously cool that looks. The Switch version of Crash Bandicoot just really offers pretty much the same experience. If it would have chunky visuals, washed out textures, 10fps, that would be really bad. But some few differences just won’t be any problem for anyone who likes to not be chained to their TVs anymore. It’s just the same Jump & Run experience.

      So for me it’s not about how bad the Switch looks but how good it still performs. Look at the size of a PS4 Pro console. Look at the Size of a Switch. Now think how well it holds up for its size.

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    3. Except none of that matters because A. Portability and B. Switch is already proven to be a match to base PS4. Pro and X updates of the already underwhelming consoles on performances are a prime example of how much of a joke these overly hyped “powerhouses” we’re back in 2014 when they couldn’t even get to 1080p/60FPS without compromises while trying and failing to bury the cold truth that PC will always be superior to those consoles by YEARS, no excuses or exceptions. Which is why Nintendo is being subtle with power through Switch but also going with innovation as usual. Xbox/PS wouldn’t last a decade without Nintendo pushing them to follow proper gaming standards. No powerful graphics chip in the world they house would change that. PS2 proved that, Wii proved that and now the Switch will prove that all over again.

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      1. XD Seriously!? Analogy really is triggering the awaiting moderation tag, and it’s for the same reason it is triggered when using the word scumbag: because if you remove s-bag & -ogy from those words, a sex term is left behind. WordPress sure is stupid! lol


    1. Why poor Switch? What’s more sad is how little difference there is between the two when we’re told how much better these suped-up consoles are supposed to be. Plus I can take it with me wherever I go. Poor PS4 Pro more like

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      1. Exactly. I’ve seen the trailer. The only noticeable thing about the Switch version is lack of fur which I can live with. I played Wrath of Cortex to know that very well.

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      1. Oh don’t even. Have you seen plentiful of PSVita ports of PS3 games like RE: Revelations 2? They look like Xbox One Black Ops 3 ported to 360. Its…not…good. XD


  4. I mean with a close comparison like that you can see the slight differences but in general it still looks really good on Switch. Worth grabbing if you don’t have it on PS4!


  5. It’s good there are more third party games/ports coming to the Switch. But does anyone here actually know that you can play the Ps4 version portable also with the Ps Vita Remote right so the Switch version isn’t the only portable version.


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