Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Has Sold 17.79 Million Units Worldwide As Of March 31st 2018

The Nintendo Switch has proved to be a massive success for Nintendo coming off the back of the Wii U console. Nintendo has announced today that the system has sold 17.79 million units as of March 31st 2018. This number is worldwide and is particularly impressive given how recently the Nintendo Switch launched.




  1. It can only get better if the third party support stays strong and Nintendo keep smashing out those 1st party titles. ( I’m looking at you MP4 ).
    We really need to see this game at this years e3 or there’s gona be a LOT of upset fans!


    1. Meh. It’s another FPS Metroid game. More 2D Metroids, please. While the Prime series was OK, it’s still a FPS, so that makes it immediately inferior to all of the 2D counterparts.


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