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Grezzo Is Developing The 3DS Remake Of Luigi’s Mansion

An Australian rating for the 3DS remake of Luigi’s Mansion included a new detail that was not known before. Apparently, Grezzo are the ones working on this title. If you don’t know who they are, They made The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D and The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. Their most recent project was Ever Oasis, an original title for the 3DS.


20 thoughts on “Grezzo Is Developing The 3DS Remake Of Luigi’s Mansion”

  1. Only now have I realized people were all thinking Next Level Games was the team behind this port…
    If not, then hopefully they are working on a super special project.
    Mario Strikers! In time for the World Cup!

      1. They shouldn’t of made this for 3ds and put it on Switch, I would of bought it then… And yes Luigi’s mansion 3 on Switch, with 1&2 hd :p

  2. I hope that they continue making remakes until they reach Donkey Kong 64 (sorry if I sound kind of repetitive, I really want to see this game get a remake whether be in 3DS or in the Switch).

  3. I know people still love to suckle at the switch’s nipples like a piglet but that console isn’t everything and not every game needs to be on the platform to be enjoyed the switch doesn’t need to be another pointless port machine. Consoles can be enjoyed with what content you can currently get already, ok third party support is great but not if it’s old games you already played before.

    1. Well, Nintendo is planning to put some Wii U games over to Nintendo Switch. i didn’t expected them to make a remake like this since they haven’t decided on rather the 3DS production will be taken off there markets. Some People think that Nintendo refuses to discontinued the system witch its been years since its launch.

      1. it may just happen as some people, not many aren’t hardcore Switch fans that are like a frat boy with a new temporary squeeze. (switch fans in a nutshell)

  4. I would’ve preferred a Switch port, but it makes sense why they’re making it for 3ds. Nintendo wants to keep the system alive, and all of the assets are already there from making Luigi’s Mansion 2. If they were to remake it on Switch, they’d have to make a bunch of brand new models and environments. It’s a much faster process this way.

    1. I think it’s actually more about how the original Luigi’s Mansion on the Cube was supposed to have the stereoscopic 3D effect, but the tech was so expensive back in 2001 they would have to sell Gamecube at a ridiculous price, so the feature was dropped. This remake is going to 3DS to make the original vision a reality, and they already proved how well the effect lends itself to the game with Dark Moon.

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  6. The same guys who did the Majora’s Mask 3D remake, eh?

    In that case, DO NOT TOUCH THE BOSS BATTLES. It’s bad enough y’all ruined Twinmold in Majora’s Mask when it didn’t need fixing. None of Majora’s bosses needed fixing.

  7. What??? Really???
    I would expect much better from Grezzo. I know its obvious that this should’ve been on Switch and all that(I’m super pissed this is on 3DS myself) but from the footage we have I would have never guessed Grezzo was doing this. Think what you want about some of the changes made to Majora 3D, but its a great port and so is OoT 3D. They have some of the best visuals on the system. Luigi’s Mansion so far looks like absolute shit plain and simple.

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