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Capcom Says Monster Hunter XX And Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers On Switch Both Sold Well

Capcom has announced today via its financial results that both of its current Nintendo Switch titles have performed to the company’s expectations. Those games are Monster Hunter XX and Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers which the company claims “enjoyed hit status”.


18 thoughts on “Capcom Says Monster Hunter XX And Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers On Switch Both Sold Well”

  1. Since this is very quickly going to turn into a thread requesting Capcom make things they’re unlikely to make, might as well wish big.

    Please make Maximo 3 Capcom.

  2. Alright Capcom, that is good to hear… Now do something about localizing XX since we know World will never come to the Switch…and if it does, it will be a watered down version… (currently playing Generations as i don’t have a PS4 anymore…)

  3. Why would Capcom spend money to bring a new title to Switch when they can just make money by porting old titles?
    I’ve lost faith. Capcom had better prove me wrong @E3

  4. Oh yeah wonderful…yet not only is it not localized, but Monster Hunter World didn’t even make it to Switch.

    Screw you Capcom. You’re always nothing but talk.

  5. Even though I have MHW on my PS4 so MHXX not getting localized isn’t an issue for me, it would have done even better if it got localized. Of course, it could be doing well in Japan BECAUSE some people got it using a Japan account or ordered a physical copy on a Japanese webstore.

  6. I’ve already purchased and played 150+ hours of the Japanese version of MHXX, but struggling with the japanese text (did I pick up a “Blue Mushroom” or a “Unique Mushroom”? I Don’t Know! *Opens Google Translate*) and rarity of English speaking players to hunt with has prevented me from progressing far in the game.

    CAPCOM … I will Gladly pay $59.99 to buy the game a second Time if you localize it! … even if that means starting over.

    Sure … I want to play MHW also, and I suspect a port will come in some form eventually (which I will ALSO happily buy) … but in spite of it’s legacy feature baggage and upscaled 3ds graphics, it is still a REALLY GOOD GAME, with great Gameplay worth playing, and a Ton of Great Monsters not found in the new game.

    Seriously … 90% of the localization is already done with ‘Generations’. Just Finish it and localize it already!


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