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Shinesparkers Interviews Clark Wen Former Audio Lead On Metroid Prime And Metroid Prime 2: Echoes And Talks About Retro Studios And The Games Receptions

One of the best games that came out on the GameCube was the Metroid Prime series from Retro Studios. Metroid fan-site Shinesparkers had the chance to interview Clark Wen who was the former Audio Lead on both Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes which both appeared on the platform. Wen talks about a number of things including how excited he was about working on the projects and also how the games were received by the media, which he admits, took him by surprise. He seems eternally grateful for having the chance to work on these prestigious Nintendo games.

“Well, I’ve always been a huge Metroid fan so the day that Nintendo announced Prime at SpaceWorld, I remember jumping out of my seat I was so excited! My co-workers must have thought I was on drugs or something. When I heard that Retro Studios was hiring, it seemed like an incredible opportunity although to be honest, I did have my doubts as there was a lot of negative press surrounding Retro at the time. It would also have meant uprooting my life in the Bay Area and moving to Austin.

What sealed the deal for me though was meeting the team there. Retro did a fantastic job of putting together a group of incredibly talented artists, designers, and programmers. Even though I’ve worked since then on big IPs like Call of Duty and Guitar Hero, to this day I still consider the Prime team to be one of the best teams that I’ve ever worked with.

I think it also goes without saying that being able to work with a luminary like Miyamoto-san was a huge draw in itself!”

“I’m incredibly humbled by all the accolades that the game has received. As a Metroid fan, it was paramount to me to stay true to the direction of the original games while also updating and modernizing the sound of the series. That people responded to the game the way that they did was incredibly rewarding. The whole team worked tremendously hard to make the best game that we could. It wasn’t until that first IGN review hit though that we realized that maybe we had created something special. That people still talk about Prime today blows my mind.”


14 thoughts on “Shinesparkers Interviews Clark Wen Former Audio Lead On Metroid Prime And Metroid Prime 2: Echoes And Talks About Retro Studios And The Games Receptions”

  1. I’m hoping for an announcement of the original trilogy on Switch and a gameplay trailer for Prime 4 at E3 😊

    1. Omg I would love a 3rd time buy of Prime series! :O I love Metroid… More than the gf but don’t tell her that haha

    2. Exactly my thoughts, and since they announced Prime 4 in the past E3, there’s a chance that they give us a trailer in this upcoming E3.

  2. True that. It’s been almost many years (16?) since Prime 1 came out and still regard it as one of the best experiences in my life.
    Hopefully we get more good Metroid games in the future…

  3. I’ve played all the prime games as they came out, but I never replayed them with the trilogy.
    The trilogy would be the perfect fit to warm us up for mp4 when it’s released.

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