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SEGA Says They Are Continuing To Look Into Investing In Reviving Old Franchises

SEGA has produced a plethora of incredible titles over the years and many would like to see certain classics return on current consoles. The company’s fiscal results report reveals that it is something that they are looking to capitalise on in the future. Sadly, they wouldn’t state which series they were considering reviving.

“With regard to the Entertainment Contents Business, the Group will continue to advance the launch of new titles in the field of digital game software. In addition, the Group will advance efforts to capitalize on existing, revival, external and new IPs in each business field.”



43 thoughts on “SEGA Says They Are Continuing To Look Into Investing In Reviving Old Franchises”

    1. I’d love for Skies of Arcadia to be re-released or remade. Its a great game and its sinfully hard to find these days.

    2. i got that on my game cube portable as well as Phantasy Star online, Fire Emblem path of radiance, Baten kaitos, resident evil 2, smash bros melee, metal gear twin snakes,LOZ twilight princess, and Viewtiful joe my friend built it for me it for me. And to the mod for my switch with the battery and cooling station it doesn’t mess up anything (thank goodness) and it runs just fine ,and it doesn’t get as hot as it usually does only mildly warm i used a 10,000 mah battery but the process wasn’t easy. As preparing the battery to fit the switch was what took so darn long but it was worth it now i only need to charge my switch about twice a week since i only play for short bursts. my next goal is to upgrade the actual onboard memory. from 32gb to either 64gb or 128gb, but that will be a long way off. and i don’t have a youtube channel I did in 2008 but it got closed as when i was showing how i modded the wii’s memory from its small memory to something more impressive Nintendo got my channel shut down and i’ve been cautious of making one ever since.

  1. Or maybe a shell shaded version of Total War samurai ?

    That’s what I would do as a Sega boss, Full Total war game in water paint so switch can run it in 60 frames with big armies. Maybe online and compete against Fire emblem.

    Never gonna happen, just some cheap ports from the past and 20 dollars next to it on the eshop

  2. Make a good Super Monkey ball game, similar to Super Monkey Ball 2! And take out the motion control gimmick and the newer games had motion controls suck.

  3. Let NiGHTS and Ristar be some of them.

    While there are plenty of good ideas for the Sonic franchise (once SEGA listens to them), we should have more Nintendo-esque IPs to occupy our our time, instead of desperately waiting for the next Sonic game each time. Similar to how we also get LOZ, Kirby, and Pokemon games, instead of the just Mario Mario Mario each year (with gimmicky/diminshing quality).

      1. Lost World, BOOM, Forces.

        That is all. Also, everyone and their grandma polluted YouTube with reviews of that game.

    1. The way you typed radio reminds me of the Family Guy episode when Meg is trying to get an interview with Adam West & she convinces him by holding a roll of toilet paper hostage and he uses the roll to augment his voice and asks “Does this make me sound like I’m on old time radioooo!?” *sad face*

      RIP Adam West… ;-;

  4. I really hope they revive Crazy Taxi, Skies of Arcadia, Samba de Amigo, Super Monkey Ball and Jet Set Radio. Those amazing franchises deserve more games.

  5. Here’s a few of the top of my head Shemune hd collection, Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1-3 Remastered Collection, Sonic adventure 2 (with better audio syncing) I know this isn’t a Sega game but it is a classic Soul Calibur 2 & 3 in a hd Bundle. All of The House Of The Dead in a HD Collection , Sparkster the rocket knight Remastered, Zool remake or new entry, Streets Of Rage Trilogy remakes with voice acting and remade music and put -un-localized things in. Skies of Arcadia would be awesome as would Panzer dragoon.

          1. Japan can be stingy look at dragon quest 7 on the 3ds the music was changed to a midi track which was ok but the orchestral score on the japanese was amazing good thing i got a the modded version on my 3ds aswell as the uncensored version of the 8th game as well. sometimes censorship can be very stupid.
            heck i’d even take a new 3ds version of episode 1 of pso from the game cube they prooved it’s possible with luigi’s mansion.

  6. CRAZY TAXI anyone?


    Bring it on Sega!!

  7. How about a new entry in the Phantasy Star series? Not Online, but a classic JRPG style. Or a remake of the original.

  8. Hey Sega,
    Just get the Panzer Dragoon Saga team back together, rebuild the original from the ground up, since you somehow lost the source code….HTF a company does that is beyond me, rake in the money to start a Panzer Dragoon Saga 2

  9. So many great games in the comments. A new Skys of Arcadia with more ship on ship battles would be my two cents. Or perhaps a localization of the Japanese Switch’s Phantasy Star Online game.

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