Nintendo Has Applied For A New Trademark For Endless Ocean

Some of you who owned the Wii may remember a unique title called Endless Ocean. It was well-received by players and was a calming experience exploring the ocean. Nintendo has recently applied for a new trademark for the game causing some to naturally wish for another game in the series, but this time on the Nintendo Switch. Japanese Nintendo reports that the trademark is for purposes related to a ‘video game program.’




  1. If this was simply a renewal of the trademark, I’d shrug it off & just assume nothing will come of it just like with Eternal Darkness the two times they renewed it & nothing to come out of it. But this is an application for a new trademark, so I’m more inclined to expect something to come from this.

    If they are gonna make a new Endless Ocean game, I hope they release HD remasters of the first two games in preparation for the 3rd game much like how they did with the Bayonetta games. Of course, I’m more inclined to get the sequel than the first because of the fact it had more story than the first one so maybe release them as a dual release where you get the other free. Otherwise, I’ll just buy Blue World and wait for the 3rd game.

    Also if a 3rd one is getting made, I’ll especially look forward to the bios for sharks. After nearly a decade, they’ll have plenty of new things to add to those. (Maybe a few Shark Week references?)


  2. If Nintendo were to bring an HD version of Endless Ocean for Nintendo Switch, make sure this title is powered by Unreal Engine 4 like the guys over at Good Feel have done with Yoshi!


  3. :D i love endless ocean 1 and 2. Yes Wii graphic is soo poor on actual tvs but endless oceán is unique game, hidden gem in Wii history. I love sonar treasure hunting, deep night swiming in rivers and ice bears :D secret underwater ruina, collecting all kind of fishs. Ah i hope so much for 3ds endless ocean, now i hope in bigger and better Switch antidepressant – endless ocean Switch :D :D :D


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