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The Physical Version Of Diablo III: Eternal Collection Will Not Require An Extra Download

Diablo III: Eternal Collection will be getting a physical release, and we have some news to share with you about extra downloads. Blizzard has confirmed that “all of the content fits on a cartridge so you can buy a physical copy without requiring any downloads”. Diablo III: Eternal Collection is slated to release on the Nintendo Switch later this year.


24 thoughts on “The Physical Version Of Diablo III: Eternal Collection Will Not Require An Extra Download”

  1. It’s sad that this is considered news nowadays.

    You mean the entirety of the game that I purchased is actually on the cartridge and not located on some random server that will be closed down once Nintendo launches the Switch 3…

    I will be buying Diablo 3 on Switch for sure now.

    1. As long as you keep your device in good condition, you can still play said game & all of it’s content if it’s downloaded to a SD card. There honestly isn’t much of a difference between physical & digital when you consider the fact that both are on a physical medium at the end of the day. I’m starting to fear the physical gamers that are anti-digital are become a little TOO obsessed with the plastic they have their game on when it’s ALL plastic & wires & chips at the end of the day regardless of whether it’s on a game card or an SD card (or in an external/internal HDD.)

      1. Cartridges are read-only. I would think a rewriteable medium like SD cards would be less reliable over time. SSD drives are only rated for a certain number of writes for example, although this may be better these days, I’m not sure.

      2. Think the original Xbox for a second. That system had patches for some of its games and it even had DLC for games like KOTOR. We are almost 2 decades removed from the launch of the original Xbox now and the servers were taken offline 8 years ago and people cannot download patches or DLC anymore. Sure, they could still have it on their hard drives but those fail. Same goes for the system. If you end up needing to replace your broken Xbox, the content will not transfer because of its DRM needing to access Microsoft’s servers.

        Now think about Nintendo and how it doesn’t keep its online infrastructures around for longer than a decade. What about the people in 10 years who didn’t own a Switch but still want to play through Starlink with Fox? They won’t be able to. However, if the entire game was actually on the cartridge then they wouldn’t be at the mercy of Nintendo’s servers.

  2. “Digital games? Ew! I want my games on a fancy little game card!” The irony is if you download a digital game, it goes on to an SD card (or an external/internal HDD) which, honestly, IS THE SAME DAMN THING as a game card! The only real difference is the brand name that’s on the damn physical medium! The irony is lost on these people screaming “how dare this or that be digital” or “how dare people buy digital instead of physical; these people are fools getting ripped off!” Physical medium is ALWAYS gonna be a thing even when everything does go digital because the digital stuff has to be stored onto something which is usually a physical medium itself, after all.

    1. you clearly don’t get the point of why people care about this kind of thing. Its not because the cart or disc makes it “fancy”, its because it means these games will still be playable years/decades from now in an official capacity outside of emulation. An SD card is not a Switch cart. You are basically comparing a memory card to a cartridge. Good luck buying a 2nd hand digital copy of a game for a system no longer supported.

      1. The solution is real easy. Buy a new SD card or whatever you got your stuff stored on & transfer the data to the new one. Easy. Since these things are supposedly only going to get cheaper to buy as time goes on, it’d be a lot cheaper than buying a brand new individual game card for each game you lost.

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  4. I’m buying the digital edition though. I like playing Diablo 3 a lot in between my other games. I don’t see why I should have to walk around with extra cartridges when everything can fit on one big affordable memory card. 10 or 20 years from now I’ll probably be doing more interesting things than playing a 20+ year old game.

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