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David Hayter Says He Hasn’t Been Asked To Record New Snake Codecs For Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The voice behind Snake has confirmed that he hasn’t been asked by Nintendo to record any more codecs for the forthcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. He said in a recent YouTube interview that it’s something he would have been more than glad to participate in if he had been asked by the Kyoto-based company.

“I’m probably not supposed to say anything, but they haven’t recorded any more codecs yet, and I have offered to Nintendo that I would certainly do that if they wanted to. I would love to that for all of the characters… I would love to do more, and we might. Who knows. But it’s very cool that Snake is going to be in the game. That’s awesome for the fans.”

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Thanks to DAPV98 and happygamer1224 for the news tip!

49 thoughts on “David Hayter Says He Hasn’t Been Asked To Record New Snake Codecs For Super Smash Bros Ultimate”

  1. Why would he be asked? It’s just an upgraded and slightly expanded port largely of preexisting assets from previous Smash games. With a few added characters and stages. #Rehash Resmash.

      1. I have to say that I agree with him.

        Back in June or July there was a discussion about Goku in Smash, which we ended up saying that Goku can’t be in Smash.
        After that, DemiGod (If I wrote correctly your username here) said the truth about how Metal Gear is represented on Nintendo platforms.
        Snake is a character that shouldn’t be in Smash because let’s face the real, this character hasn’t appeard so much time on the Nintendo consoles in compares to the Sonyan machines.

        Of course some people will say that there are MG games on the NES but those games weren’t even made by Kojima himself but from someone else who hasn’t made great games (because the tecnology of the time were old ecc).

        To me it’s Bomberman who should take the place of Snake, and the same I could say about Cloud.
        Instead of him I prefer Crono from Chrono Trigger or Geno

        1. Since cloud saves probably won’t be a thing since Smash is an online game, let people have Snake. It should help them forget about that horrible issue. Least til their save data is lost and they have to work hard to unlock him again.

        2. As far as I’m concerned, once you make it into the roster, that spot is permanent.

          It would be stupid to add a character for one game, and then remove them in the next game. You can’t piss people off like that.

            1. Sakurai’s bone-head decision.

              However, for third-party characters, you can’t blame him, because he has no control over those characters.

              Third-party will always be guests (but will always have fan-immortalization), but Nintendo characters should be cemented.

              1. cemented? What do you mean for cemented?

                It’s true that third party characters are guests but back in Brawl do you think Kojima asked to King Sakurai for add Snake in his game?

                Nope it was the father of Kojima who asked to his son to see his character in Smash and believe me when Sonic was added in Smash that made the internet explode in compares of Snake appearing in Smash

                But now it’s useless to talk about a character that is already in Smash.

                I now need to find the direct

      2. You’re going to hate me for pointing this out but… Solid Snake has been playable in 4 games releasing on Nintendo systems (excluding Brawl)… 5 games if you count a virtual console rerelease that was Japan only.
        Compare that to a character like Bandana Waddle Dee who has only been playable in 3 games on Nintendo systems (4 games if you count being a P2 option in Megaton Punch).

        Plus he’s just unique and fun as a fighter. I mean… the two determining factors for someone being in Smash is their popularity/legacy AND their viability as a unique fighter.

        Granted, Snake is probably not someone Sakurai would have included on his own. He was reached out to by Kojima. I’d say most 3rd parties are courting Sakurai and not vice versa when it comes to Smash picks.

    1. But if we didn’t get Konami, we would’t have the Captain N trio. Sure I hate Sega, but a crossover of Nintendo and the biggest 3rd party companies in gaming history is an opportunity I don’t want to miss out on.

      1. The fact that Konami isn’t anymore the company who makes great games like in the past is something that you can see with the games they have released in those years. Metal Gear with zombies, Simon Belmont redesign isn’t good, where is Contra?

        All of those games were amazing and what happened now? Kojima kicked off by them, the creator of Castlevania leaved the company. There are some problems in Konami.

        Sure you can say but Bomberman is doing well, yes because there are the Hudson devs who worked on this project and not Konami.

  2. Lines aren’t hard to put tin the game, he could literally do all the codec lines about 3 weeks before the launch of the game for the sake of keeping things under wraps. If he did do them already, then that would mean that he and a few other people would know about all the things Nindy has yet to show off. So the end result is: Shadow Moses will have 0 Codecs or Shadow Moses will have the same Codecs with a good chuck of the new chars having stock or even no Codecs at all (which is very very very unlikely because of the amount of chars that actually is) TLDR: Lines can be recorded last second

  3. No rush since they can just patch in any codecs for the new characters Snake will fight against at a later date. Smash Ultimate has a bigger problem to worry about, though: the possible lack of cloud saves. :/ It probably won’t even have voice chat…

    1. I would say having a more “complete” game with all content included at launch instead of relying on patches and updates is a more important feature then cloud saves.

      1. I would strongly argue that cloud saves are just as important as all those things you mentioned. Sadly, patches and updates are going to be a thing because sometimes glitches aren’t found til after a game has already been released. Just the way of the gaming world these days.

    2. I don’t see that happening, only because they didn’t bother to do it with Palutena’s Guidance for DLC fighters in Smash Wii U- if you tried, she simply said “I don’t believe it! I… I don’t have any intel on this fighter!”

      They could prove me wrong this time, but their record is against them.

    3. I honestly cannot see Smash Bros Ultimate not having Cloud Saves. See the current trend is any games that do not support it have some sort of system in place that involves RNG. With Splatoon 2 it’s the sub-abilities and Salmon Run Rewards and in Pokemon it’s the ability to trade. Granted Pokemon Trading has nothing to do with RNG but you get my point. Smash Bros, on the other hand, has no such system. Every character is the same across all copies has the same moveset with no way for the player to influence them. Sure we had custom moves but from the looks of things, those have been cut. The only other stuff that’s RNG is things like music and trophies but they don’t really matter because those have no effect on the gameplay. And that’s assuming that system even returns, this time they may finally let us simply purchase the music and not rely on RNG.

      1. Skipping Smash Bros Ultimate over the lack of Cloud Saves does seem abit excessive. I mean sure it would suck but I think skipping it just because of that is abit petty.

        1. It’s not about being petty. It’s about making sure I don’t have to deal with any stress of losing my save data. I got dozens of games to play, I got a kid to take care of, I want to do other things besides video games like watch movies, TV shows, whatever, and I got a wife that might want to spend time with me, so I don’t have time to just start all over again on certain games (like Smash) so if my save data won’t be safe from being lost, then I just won’t be playing that game so why waste my money.

      2. Ah I see, in that case I can understand where you’re coming from.
        That said, I don’t think you have anything to worry about, I think Smash Bros will support it.

  4. I sincerely hope they record new codec conversations for Ultimate, if only for the new characters and better ideas than from Brawl.

    -Snake: “Looks like Kirby got a redesign for this fight, but isn’t the coifed hair a bit much?”

    -Colonel: “Snake, that’s the Balloon Pokemon, Jigglypuff. Watch out for its lullaby- it will make you feel asleep.”

    -Snake: “…’feel asleep’, Colonel?”

  5. Isn’t that because David isn’t the voice for Snake anymore? Last I checked, isn’t Kiefer Sutherland the man that voiced him in the latest game?

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