Nintendo Switch

The Special Splatoon 2 Gear & NES Controllers Will Be Exclusively For Nintendo Switch Online Members

Special Splatoon 2 gear, as well as some NES-style Joy-Con controllers, were announced by Nintendo earlier today. However, there is a catch. Nintendo has confirmed that, not only are the NES controllers $59.99, but they will be an “exclusive product offer”. Nintendo also said that there is a limit of “one purchase per Nintendo Account with paid Nintendo Switch Online individual or family membership”. As for the Splatoon 2 gear, Nintendo says that it is a “special offer for those with 12-month individual or family memberships”. It seems that the NES controllers and Splatoon 2 gear will only be available for Nintendo Switch Online members.




      1. I highly doubt they will be locked to just the NES games and if for some bizarre ass reason they really are, well thats just ass-backwards logic on Nintendo’s part. There are so many other Switch games that these would be fantastic for, just like the NES/SNES Classic controllers had an assortment of games on the Wii and Wii U, except these will be even better because they actually have extra shoulder buttons on the top of them and being Joycons they are pretty much the “base” controller, meaning they have the potential to work with the most amount of games.

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  1. HA! Good one Nintendo! Nobody can say that you don’t got jokes now!…… I mean, the Joycon are 80 dollars, WITH HD rumble, accelerometer and gyroscope, aside from the battery and lotsa buttons.
    God dammit, Nintendo.

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    1. I highly doubt they will be sold physically at stores or any other item like this… We may get something related to Japan’s “MyNintendoStore” only it will be a “SwitchOnlineServiceStore” of some sort or the store will be merged with the current Nintendo store, You log in and when you want to buy something it will naturally try to verify if you are a subscriber.

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  2. But will the NES controllers even be compatible with games other than the NES games available on the online service? Nintendo has locked the functionality of controllers to specific games before, even when there was no need to do so (Smash Bros).

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    1. The irony is neither does Nintendo a good majority of the time. Cloud saves can’t be for games with online multiplayer because of some bogus fair play excuse? lol Apparently they don’t know that saves on systems with cloud saves only save the offline data of games to the cloud while the online data remains server side of said games. Makes me wonder if Nintendo is even doing servers for their paid online. If they are charging people for online where it works by way of P2P instead of servers, it just means their paid online is done out of pure greed because they see other companies making money off of their paid online. The fact we’re only a week away from paid online becoming a thing on Switch and they are STILL holding information back should be pause for concern, but some Nintendo fans and defenders are fucking sheep and suckers simply asking after their beating from Nintendo “Please, sir. May I have some more!?”

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  3. I wonder how many people have bought the same games over and over.
    For example: I bought MARIO world for the SNES, then for gb advance and then for wii and not so long ago on my 3ds.
    Excellent, il be able to pay more money soon so I can play it again on switch.


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