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The King Of Fighters XIV Under Consideration For Nintendo Switch

Dual Shockers had the opportunity to interview The King of Fighters producer Yasuyuki Oda. The site asked him if the team were thinking of bringing The King of Fighters XIV to the Nintendo Switch platform. Mr. Oda replied that there would be some technical issues which the team would have to look at, but if they cleared those, then it would be a possibility.

With Heroines and the 40th Anniversary Collection on the Switch, I asked Oda-san if the team was considering a port of The King of Fighters XIV on Nintendo’s console. There are some technical hurdles to clear to make sure that the game would perform well, but if those could be solved, it “would definitely be a possibility.” There are internal talks about The King of Fighters XV, but it’s “really super-super early” and nothing has been decided at this time. It’s not even in pre-production.


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  1. Please, please, please, PLEASE!!!
    :D More fighting games all the time, I’m loving the switch fighting goodness! <3

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